Sunday, 3 July 2011

Facebook "Page Like" Scam

Social network code writers are going beyond the code writer's ethics. They make applications that whichever way you decide to click, yes or no, or even you click the x tab at the top of the window, the "I like it" selection is always selected. The program then has control in all of your contacts, walls etc. And their applications will be glued to your lists of useless programs. And it's not only that, it will also spread itself like wildfire to your friend's lists and even to their own lists, when they are tricked to open it.

I know you wished not ever tempted to click on those applications that promised you nothing but annoyance, and sometimes shame, because all of your friends will know you've clicked such a thing as it appeared in your wall.

You can check what are the apps that you have clicked in your wall, but remember that the apps in there is not the complete list, other programs hide themselves. You can only see them all, hidden or not, when you access your apps page. See incomplete list shown at the wall below compared to the complete list under the profiles apps list further down.

The best thing to do with annoying program is to remove it straightaway before it can take over your friend's lists. You need to log in to facebook then just click on the link below to get you into your apps lists. And just click X to delete.

Becareful which page you click, even though your friends recommend it to you, as your friend's account may have been a member of a botnet zombies without him knowing.

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