Thursday, 30 June 2011

Download Online Videos

Download RealPlayer for FREE

There are a lot of video sources online, and the videos from PC through internet is slowly replacing televisions as a source of movies. And someday will also replace video recorders as PC's are becoming powerful and the storage media's capacity is growing each day.

But one can only harness the true power of a PC with an appropriate program for an intended purpose. Like downloading videos online. There are a lot of softwares that can do this, some well known, unknown, free and premium.

There are premium softwares but they cost something, although most of the paid softwares has better and more functionality, there are free ones that can provide you with all you need that a premium software can. There are also free out there but lack functionality and not straightforward to use. Others are ridden with spywares and malwares so BEWARE.

The question now is which one to choose? Which one is safe? Which one can deliver the basic downloading requirement, from a reliable software company and free?

I am sure everyone is familiar with the REAL PLAYER, but doesn't really know there are a lot of plus points with this software. Most of us are familiar with Windows Media Player, iTunes and the likes which play movies, streaming videos, etc. My question is can these players download videos from other video sources and not necessary from the players built in store? Can these media players browse internet content other than their own content? Probably not, but the real player can.

Real Player Interface

Other than organising your digital content into libraries and playing your media files, the Real Player can browse any web content.

The Real Player's Browser Interface

Click File, New, New Web Browser

Why use the Real Player Web Browser?

If you want to download videos from online sources, it is better to use the RP's web browser. Other browsers may disable or not compatible to the RP's download plugin. How to know if the plug in is disabled or not compatible? If you can not see the real player sign at the top right hand corner of the video window when you point your mouse at this location, it is not enabled or not compatible.

Below are screenshots of websites using RP's browser allowing video download.




After downloading videos you like, you can share your videos to your social network sites using the built in share button at the library interface.

Not only that, you can transfer videos from your RP library to any mobile device using the transfer functionality within the same library window.

And you can make a dvd copy or back up using the Burn button which is located at the library interface as well.

Download Real Player now and enjoy downloading your favourite videos, transfering them to your mobile device, sharing to your social networks, or making a DVD copy, without sweat and nasty threat.

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