Sunday, 12 June 2011

Internet Explorer 9 Search Functionality

The internet explorer 9 version is a bit confusing. The interface is clean, so clean that they have taken off the search window section. The search by the way, is incorporated in the address bar, which means there is a single place to type the website address and the word to search. How to do a search rather than to go to a website is where the tricky bit is.

By default, when you type something in the address bar and hit enter, the browser will show you the web page. But when you are trying to search something, and you can not see the magnifying glass at the address bar, this means the search functionality is still not configured. And the sad bit is by default, the search function is not automatically enabled after installation of the browser!

 As you can see below photo, the magnifying glass icon is not there by default. See circled in black where it should be.

Without the search function ebnabled, and you want to search something and hit enter after typing the word, the browser understands this as you are trying to go to a site. As you just typed a word, and in case the website equivalent of the word you typed is not yet available in the cache, it will give you an error message. The browser will consider your query as an incomplete site address.

To be able to use the search function, you need to enable it.

Steps and Screen Shots, (whilst you are running internet explorer 9..)
1. Click the TOOL button at the top far right end of the browser window,

5. The search icon is now at the addrerss bar!

6. You need to configure  which search engine you want to use during your first use, by clicking the dropdown menu and choosing which search engine to choose by default. In this case I choose google.

7. Done. Everytime you type in a word, the browser will treat this as a search, as long as the website equivalent is not cached(if cached, the browser will automatically add http://  and .com and will show you a site)  And everytime you type in a complete site manually or automatically(browser will auto complete the cached sites), it will show you the site!

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