Thursday, 23 February 2012

Craigslist Tip

Is anyone familiar with Craigslist? This is a classified site that caters to community activity listings, personal listings, discussions, house renting and buying, buy and sale of any items, offered services, job sites, and gigs. The big difference from other buy and sell and job listing sites is  it's free.

The Interface

The looks and feel is not that classy, but to the job hunter and bargain seeker, this is not important. It is more like a simple menu from a restaurant with a general description initially. Then as you click on from the general descriptions into more specific listings, it will become interesting. What I like with this format is it is neat to look at and what I do not like is you need to spend at least 3 clicks to see the whole of the post. This might be a turn off to those who are in a hurry.

The Listings

When you vgoogle the page, you will be redirected to the nearest Craigslist listing according to your location. You do not need to register for you to browse unless you will be posting an ad. There are listings that are mismatched to the categories they are in. The photos in the listings are only accessible when the link  is clicked, and they do not necessarily represent the description of the ad.


To help save time, and browse Craigslist with ease is to use Ezeeloker. What it does, is it gives the user more control on what he wants to see at the website, particularly in showing photos of the post or side by side with the listing. This is very helpful and saves time for those looking for a certain item. This is a great tool especially when the user wants a straight decision to see the advert.. A picture, indeed, worths more than a thousand words and a time saver as well..

Ezeelooker is a good and useful add on to buyers and sellers, but it does not seem to work on other categories like Community, Personals, Housing Ads and the rest. It would be very helpful when a prospective buyer has a glimpse of the house before deciding to see it more intimate. A nice preview of an apartment is also very helpful and the decision is much quicker for those who are looking for a place to rent.

There is a  feature where you can twit it or can show to your facebook friends what you have seen at the site but I think it is not really relevant to regular users unless you own the post and want to advertise it to facebook and twitter. The favourite tag is I think,  clever!

This ad on maybe incomplete but still useful. It is better to have it rather than not. I just hope in the future, that it will work on all categories.

You can download this add on at the link below, compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems, and   on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari browsers.

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