Monday, 20 February 2012

Let's Play With Chrome

Regular surfers prefer a browser that is quick and less likely to stall. The Chrome from google, is powered by the same Webkit codes as the Safari, the native browser and other OS X applications from Apple's, Chrome is becoming my browser of choice because of it's speed. 

Why not Safari, you might ask? Because unlike Safari that it's brain is like shielded from curious eyes and  it's heart is locked  to the developers, Chrome's gut can be exposed and experimented by regular users like you and me! Although these enhancements are at experimental stage, they are fully functional and effective. It is also very easy to turn in and off, like a child play. Another good thing is, you do not need to download any other enhancement, like the Firefox. 

The only question now is, what are these add on enhancements and what do they do. The following this post will show you are the enhancements I personally used and can understand.

Enable Auto Log In

This feature is common to most browsers. Auto log in in Chrome enables user to log in automatically to all google's accounts of  like gmail, blogger, adsense, adwords, youtube and other services related to that particular log in account. This saves time especially when working between google's different products. You can enable this by typing in about:flags into Chromes's address bar, click enter then scroll down to enable auto log in.

Smooth Scrolling

Another enhancement feature offers a smoother scrolling using the mouse wheels. Instead of a jumpy transition from the web elements, enabling this will make web pages smoothly flowing. To enable this, type about:flags at the Chrome's address bar and scroll down to smooth scrolling.

Make It Load Pages Even Faster

You can make your computer's CPU (central processing unit) to pass the extensive tasks of loading multimedia contents like photos, videos, and other visual elements embedded in a website,  to the GPU (graphics processing unit). This will divide the task of loading the site's content into two separate processing unit, and like the saying goes, two heads are better than one. You can do this by scrolling down to GPU compositing on all pages and enable this feature.

If a problem later on like the streaming movies you are watching tend to be not in sync, for example, the audio comes earlier than the video, try not to view it in full screen, or you can turn the enhancement off. 

Preload Instant Search

This feature when enabled will make your searching faster. Instead of the browser starts searching after you hit the enter button, chrome will show the page, which the browser remembers according to your browsing habit, even before you finish typing the search word!

In this screen shot, I have just typed the letter e, and ebay is already loaded in the background.

Reclaim RAM While On Chrome

In the event that Chrome somewhat becomes sluggish, this might be because of too many browser extensions or too many web pages are loaded at the same time. Not all website contents are the same and other sites contain extensions and codes embedded on them that use the computers memory. And when the computer's memory,  Random Access Memory (RAM) can  no longer cope up with the demand, it dumps the incoming data into the virtual memory which is found in the hard drive. The hard drive is much slower in data transfer than the RAM. That's why the browser seems stalling at some point.

To remedy this is to reclaim the RAM space by looking into which website or extension is clogging the system by using much memory.

Click the wrench like tool and click on view background pages.

A window will show the opened sites and other extentions running  and you may click and choose to end the one using the highest RAM, which in this case my site! I think I put too much elements and addons I did not realize!

And do not forget to relaunch Chrome browser (scroll down to the bottom of the browser window) to make the changes take effect.


  1. Great to know, definitely would try that to my chrome.

  2. It's really easy and effective, I can bet on that. Thanks



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