Tuesday, 7 January 2014

How to Restore "Lost" Blog Photos in a Few Clicks

The uploaded photos of my blog have all disappeared five days ago, including my banner! The problem started when I was making a post. The photos can be uploaded but I encountered errors when I try to embed them. It also caused my browser to crash. The cancel button at the compose window does not work, even the browser's back button is not responding. The only option at that moment is to use other browser. I tried all four browsers but I encountered the same problem.  I have given up at that moment and decided to continue some other time.

The next morning, I had the horror of my blogging life. My blog looked very bare without my photos and screenshots. My posts still has the URL's for the images but they are not loaded when browsed. I suspected that they might have been deleted. This is still a mystery to me as I could not have done any deleting as my browser was not responding!

Here is what it looked like! The banner is gone..

..and all posts doesn't have any photos!

Desperately I was looking for an answer and a way to restore them but the forums that I have been through seemed like the symptoms my blog is suffering is  a unique one, that all of my entire blog photos and banners are completely gone!

I decided to email blogger forum services at blogger@googleproductforums.com   and got an answer with the perfect solution.

The email says 3 ways to restore them

"1.The images for your blog are stored in a Picasa web album (picasaweb.google.com), or, if you have a Google+ account in a Google+ Photo album (go to plus.google.com/photos, click the "More" option at the top and select "Albums")

2.If you deleted the album for your blog you may be able to restore it from the trash: https://plus.google.com/photos/trash

3.If you changed the permissions on your blog's album to private, you should be able to restore the photos on your blog by making the album public."

The second solution proved the best and restored everything, here's how to do it!

1. Whilst logged in to my blog, I went to https://plus.google.com/photos/trash

2. And from there, I could see all photos from my blog in the trash (what ever happened that made them end there remains a mystery) and selected them all then clicked the restore button. Honestly, I do not know that blogger is backing up the uploaded blog photos!

3. The images from my blog appeared once again like nothing happened. If I have waited 60 days before doing this then I could have lost everything and could not restore the blog in just a few clicks!

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