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The Controversial iPhone 5 Keyboard Case

The Typo apple keyboard is a dual purpose product. It serves as a case and as an attached keyboard for the apple mobile product. This makes your iPhone5 very similar to a blackberry phone, which is well known for an integrated QWERTY keyboard. Whether the iPhone will benefit with this comparison or not, it is obvious that users who usually use email or text messaging application will like this new product.

Physical keyboards are ideal when speed and accuracy is demanded. I myself is deterred to use  touch screens when doing some lengthy notes. Therefore I use laptops instead of tablets in emailing and other writing tasks.

Typo The Keyboard Case


The device is compatible to the iPhone 5 series but unfortunately do not support the earlier versions. It is composed of two separate top and bottom plastic parts. The Typo is connected to the iPhone via bluetooth, and this means the phone should be on bluetooth mode to use the device. It has a separate power supply. And not like the iPhone 5 that has a lightning connector, the Typo uses a micro USB type charger.

The Feel

When in place, the home button is obscured with the physical keyboard but to compensate for that, there is a home button key in place at the bottom-right corner of the device. As typo keyboard is positioned just at the lower screen's opening of the phone, it could be impossible to swipe up from the bottom of the phone. This means the shortcut screen for airplane mode, wi-fi, bluetooth, screen rotation and so on is not accessible with the Typo on. Nevertheless these can still be accessed via settings.

The separate power pack of the device could last up to 14 days on one charging cycle. The backlit for the keys is also avaailable and it can be switched on and off to save even more battery. Unfortunately, the device can not be a source of secondary power to the iPhone.


Those who have tested the device noticed the responsiveness and lack of latency in terms of touch input. The overall built is of high quality. They even compare it as the same or better than other full sized bluetooth around. There is just a slight displease in the QWERTY first row level as it is slightly more flexible than the rest of the material. This makes the device less sturdy whilst typing specially from the top row letters.


This became controversial when star like Ryan Seacrest is up in backing up for it's development. This is because he feel it's practical use as he usually carry two phones, one for calling and the other, with QWERTY, for messaging. And I am guessing he has his iPhone and blackberry together at the same time. 

This became more controversial when Blackberry filed a case against it over the design. As blackberry argued there is a copyright violation involved. 

Where to buy it?

At the moment, it is only available to pre-order by going to their site. And I would say that at this moment, it is pricey at $99 per piece. However, if there would be a restriction of it's sale because of the law case, then this is the best time to get one.

There are other bluetooth keyboard solutions, like the onebelow, that cost fraction of the price. But if you are desperate to turn your iPhone 5 into something like a blackberry clone then this case will do the job.  
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TYPO PRODUCTS - iPhone Keyboard Case from Typo on Vimeo.

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