Friday, 2 March 2012

Smart Phone, Smart Shop, Smart Price

Comparing the market before you buy is one of the ways of making the most of your smartphone's capabilities. Not long ago, we need a computer to do this stuff but thanks to mobiles and the apps coders, it can be accessed easily with just a press of a button and from almost anywhere. Virtual shopping is indeed a plus and a helpful tool for both the shoppers and the store owners. Now the saying money when you sleep clearly makes sense and defined. 

The question now is, which site are you going to use to get you the most savings? Which apps can get you the search you really need and can show you the best deal? And which comparison site can give you more than just comparing prices and giving you cheaper alternative. Here's something worth to try.


The application has the search box conviniently located at the top. The resulting earch result for an item is impressively more than similar applications I have tried. The result comes from many sitez and online bidding sites included, and can be sorted by the cheapest product. QR code reader is also included at the top. Just tap it and you can scan "quick response codes" and decodes it for you without the sweat of typing web addresses. Voice search is also available as long as your device supports voice search function.

There is also a price reminder function where you can set the amount you want to spend on a certain item and when the set price is met in the future, an email reminder will be dispatched to you. This function will surely help you save something but you might need to wait for sometime depending on the price you set.

You can start setting the reminder by tapping the reverse triangle at the top right.

Recommended products and deals are neatly placed at the center of the home screen for the latest bargain hard to resist price to grab.  If you want to get back from your previous searches, just tab the search button.

Tapping the cup ike logo at the top right while the result search is shown will give you an option to refine your search according to price, relevance, ratings and so on.

Tapping on the categories tab can also help you find alternative or similar items based on what you are looking for. The sale category is my favourite. It shows you on sale and price drop items and on how much you save compared to the original price. This is useful for the bargain seekers like me!

This application is available for iPhone and Android devices. Just search IDEALO when you get to the Apps Store. It is also available for PC's and Mac's at

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