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How To Output Galaxy Tab Into TV

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The Galaxy Tab (P1000) is a multi function gadget. It can make a call using mobile networks (clear advantage over other tablets that can only make calls using VOIP softwares), surfs the internet through wi-fi or data calls, takes photos and videos through an 8 megapixel rear camera and a self portrait using the front cam. It can also functions as a navigator and as a personal media player. The device's size which is at 7 inches, makes it very portable for carrying media files, especially music, photos and videos. It would be very useful when you do a lot of travelling or going on a vacation. It can be the only device you will ever need as it does all the  functions of a phone, a camera, a video camera, a computer, data storage and as a multimedia player. The flexibility of an expandable data storage is also an added attractive feature .

But sometimes the screen size is a bit too small  for users and a larger screen is much favorable especially you would like to watch the stored photos or movies on it. This is no problem as you just need one piece of equipment to output it into a bigger screen like television or a projector.

The AV Galaxy Tab Cable

This accessory is a must for those who want to use a bigger screen to show off what's inside the Galaxy Tab, and this doesn't cost much as long as  you know where to look. You can buy this cheaply and  Amazon sells this for at least £4 including delivery.  See the photo at the top.

This has a 30 pin connector to output the device (TAB), the usual yellow(video), white and red(audio stereo) RCA input connectors into the TV. The USB port is for the charger which can be connected whilst the device is playing a movie to keep it's power topped up.

It is very easy to use, there is no complicated setting from the Tab or the TV, just plug the 30pin connector to your TAB and the yellow, white and red RCA socket to your TV . You just need to select which TV system, NTSC or PAL,  you are going to use. Europe uses PAL, USA uses NTSC.  The tab has a toggle button to do this. Just tap SETTINGS, DISPLAY, TV output then select PAL or NTSC. If you're not sure which TV system your country uses,  please click here

If your TV does not have RCA socket but instead a 35mm AV input socket, then you need to buy a female 3.5mm RCA socket.

Connection Sequence and Tip

It is recommended to connect the RCA TV connectors into the telly first ,  before turning on the TV. Turn on the TV and tune in your TV to where your RCA connector is connected . Turn on your TAB and connect the 30 pin socket into it. Wait until the image is shown in your TV before connecting the USB port into the TAB's charger. 

In my experience, if the USB is inserted into the charger before the image is shown into the TV, the TV remains blank.

Once connected, what you can see in your TAB is being shown in your TV, like a clone view. You can play stored games, surf the internet, watch you tube videos and see these activity at the big screen. Almost all applications are supported except for the Camera function. What you can see in real time whilst using the TAB's camera can not be shown in the TV screen but a message saying this application is not supported is shown. The photos taken by the camera can be seen using the TAB's built in picture viewer without any problem.
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