Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Virtual Favourites In Just A "Clip"

Imagine this, you wanted to buy something for your friend and you turned the computer on. You went to your favorite price comparison site then started to search and compare the prices of the thing you are looking for. There are individual products that fancied your attention and you started to jot down the details, you did added the items into your browser's favorites as well. You did that several times until your little piece of note has no more space left to write down details.

After a  few days, you went into your friend's home with your little note. You've shown her the content  and delightfully decided to look for it online. The problem is, you've forgotten to write down the website where you have seen the item. And you have not emailed the link to your friend. The comparison site no longer shows the same search results. Shame!

How you wished you have the capability to export or email your bookmark favorites so that you can access the links easily anywhere. How you wished you could easily email or share these links and how you wished you can let your friends see the exact link and image of the item that you have found!

Thanks to Clipix, these wishes will come true!

This browser's "favourites" add on can do these things for you. It is very straightforward and easy to use, it sits there silently waiting along with the other web favourite tools. It is more practical and accurate in remembering things online than writing web pages on a note. Sharing  links to a friend is also no sweat and one of  the beauty of Clipix is you can access it anywhere as long as there is an internet connectivity! This means no more note taking manually and carrying your list around.

Clipix is a great tool in creating virtual clipboards of products you want to compare or sites you want to go back to at some point. All you need to do to get started is to go to their website, http://www.clipix.com/, like the application, and create an account. You can even log in with your facebook or twitter account. Installation is just a few clicks and the whole instruction is available at the site. You can start clipping what you fancy straight away once you're done.

When you get into a site or an item that you want to save, just click the clipix tab at the favourite's tab, select a category, then click the clip button.

The resulting clippings will be available when you go to your Clipix account. And the fun does not end there, you can share your virtual clipboard to your social network friends or email it.
The application is a great help for me as a blogger. Instead of going into the blogger's login interface first to access the post editor, or see my stats for the day, I can go straight away into any pages of the blogger flat form bypassing the  log in page, by making a clipping of the different pages of the blogger interface. I did made a description of the  pages based on it's contents so that I will have an idea on what I can see when I open up that  page. This technique simplifies and makes my editing faster as I just know where things are because of the page descriptions. 
So what can Clipix do for you? Get the application at http://www.clipix.com/ and start your own Clipix clippings gallery! You can also share about your experience with the application and things you think that should be improved by writing it here as a comment!
See Clipix in action.
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