Sunday, 4 March 2012

Where to get free eBooks

Today's merging of different gadgets into one  is making digital products cheaper. Taking for example ebooks. You can fill in your digital reader with a few pounds with nice titles which is a lot cheaper than filling up the whole shelves with books, which can costs hundreds with the same titles. Whilst making a saving on the price, you can also save on space.

While "elibraries" can be a fraction of the price, it is also possible to have it for free, without buying anything as long as you have the hardware in hand, iPad, iPhone, any smartphone, Kindle and other eReaders.

Amazon Kindle.Users

There are free ebooks that you can get when you go to the kindle store at amazon. Popular classic book like Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, children stories like the works of the brother's Grimm and others. Just go to

or you can use the search embedded below.

You can also get alerts when free ebooks are added to Amazon when you join the free service of  eReader!Q. The site also lets you know when there's a drop in price in any book  and also alerts you with the latest book that is kindle transformed. Join at

iTune Users

You might have not noticed but iTunes has a surprising free 27 thousand ebooks and still mounting everyday. I personally like their free "guide" ebooks, about iphone, ipad, and other electronics products. These guides when purchased in physical form can range from £5 to £20. They are also very easy to use and informative. Get them by going into the book section of itunes and just select the free ones.

Open Library Users

If you fancy books dating back from the 11th century, then Open Library is for you. There are more than 1million ebooks on it's virtual shelves. Newer versions may require you to sign up and create a borrowers account with ebook distributor OverDrive. Formats for the download includes PDF, EPUB, and MOBI(kindle format). It has also the ability to direct the ebook to your kindle device.

Google Users

If you want ebooks on your computer or laptop, then google can help transform your device into a library without spending a penny. Formats of the download is at EPUB and PDF file. 

If you want to transfer the file into your kindle, you need to convert the file into MOBI format using a free converter from ebook manager Calibre. It supports all major ebook format, from sony, ipad, smartphones etc. Video on how to use it is also included at 

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