Sunday, 4 May 2014

Always Win On Any Mobile Tariff

Mobile phone tariffs are expensive specially with the latest handsets. This could cost you at least £30 a month to have one. If you are not ready to pay for the introductory price  then it is best to wait until it drops which could take at least two years for an apple product, and one and a half  for the samsung. This is because this is the usual time for the new variant to fill in the shelves.

If you can't wait and want to have the top of  the line phone now but want to haggle for a better price, then what you can do is to maximize the discount you thought never exist. Here's a "streetsmart" list of how you can do this.

1. Pre Order Offers

Carphonewarehouse is generous in offering free items and special prices when a new variant is about to go on sale. Watch out for offers at least 3 months before the release of a new product. They are  usually generous in giving samsung tablets or other related products for samsung new releases.

2. Cash Backs and Free Gifts

After the preorder season, most mobile phone resellers will follow with cash backs and free gifts. You can find them from Dialaphone, Phones 4 U, Carphonewarehouse and so on. Freegifts can range from game consoles, laptops and the popular tablets.

3. Discount Codes

Google discount codes and the search will bring up results with specialist sites offering usable discounts. Look for the code you can use for your favourite mobile site and it is only a matter of typing or copy and pasting it to the voucher code space when you check out. You can save from £3 up to £100, depending on the tariff and product using these sites.

Try typing voucher codes or discount codes to the search engine below.

4. Join Cash Back Sites

Joining cash back sites give you another freebie with your normal order. Just like affiliate sites that give commissions to click on a link, they like you to use their links for you to get a cashback in the form of money. These sites are better that affiliate sites as you can usually withdraw anything payable in your account rather than waiting to accumulate threshold payment from affiliate sites that could be somewhere between £30 to £60 before you can touch it.

Like discount codes,  there are generous offers from £30 to £100 or more per transactions. Here are two of the best paying cashback sites.

5. Haggle With Your Existing Operator

If you are renewing your contract, you can haggle with the network to give you a better deal from your old contract or to give you something in return for you to continue there services. Discount tariff of up to 50% or going unlimited calls without paying extra are only some of good offers.

Here's the list of contacts for the top UK operators.

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