Monday, 19 May 2014

4 Common iPhone 5 Headaches

Apple products are known for their reliability. They do not breakdown easily and doesn't give much of a headache. But still, these devices are assembled with human intervention where lapses could happen that can lead to imperfect product. And the iPhone 5 is no exception. Let's see the common problems and simple solutions to these.

1. Home button not working

If you have this kind of problem, call apple straight away. This is a hardware issue that's affecting some iPhone units. The sooner you report this, the quicker the replacement if you are still under warranty.
But if you are no longer under warranty, they might charge you for the service. If you do not want to be charged, there is a built in solution to this. by using  the virtual home button function of the phone.

To do this go to  Settings> General (1),  Accessibility> Assistive Touch (2)> and turn it on(3).   The accessibility button(4) will appear at the screen and when you tap it, the virtual home button(5) will appear.

2. Rattling sound inside

What could be causing the rattling sound from the inside when you shake the iPhone? There's no other suspect but components inside the phone that could loosen up for sometime after everyday use, specially when the phone is subjected to falls and vibrations. And the most common part that causes this is the battery. The iPhone 5's battery is not held by any screw. Unlike the older models, it doesn't have a double sided tape to hold it in place. This makes it easy to be misaligned that causes the rattling noise.

There's no other option but to open the phone and realign the battery. If you have the right equipment, iphone 5's battery is very easy to access, unlike the previous models. And the tools needed are becoming cheaper. But if you are a faint heart, leave it to the experts.

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3. Battery is hot and drains easily

Over exertion of the battery by ongoing processes or application is causing this. Specially those programs that connect to the internet to work, like emails, social network programs and so on. Remember that high temperature affects battery performance.

Obviously, the problem can be solved by exiting from these applications. Or turn off internet connectivity. Check the setting of your email and calendar. Make them run on manual mode. To do this, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts and Calendars > Fetch New Data and turn Push to Off and select Manually(6).

Another way to solve this is to buy a power sleeve that serves as a case and a backup battery to the unit.

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4. Wi-Fi connectivity issue

There are instances that it is hard to connect to the home wi-fi. It might takes forever to connect, suffers from low signal, and disconnection. Internet connection can be intermittent and drops frequently. Or the connectivity animation seems to be OK but could not connect to the internet.

Remedy this by going to settings then toggle the airplane mode to off then on(7) again. It should refresh it's connection to the home wi-fi. If it does not, tap your wi-fi access(8), then tap "forget this network"(9) and try to reconnect again. If it reconnects but still could not use the internet, try clearing out your safari browser's cache by going to settings>safari>clear history>clear cookies and data.

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