Friday, 2 May 2014

Speed Up Mobile Browsing With Chrome's Hidden Experiment

Internet browsing speed is affected by many factors like the speed of the network, the capability of your device and the user friendliness of a website, meaning if there are too much elements in it to load, the slower it is to appear in your screen.

 If you are using the native browser shipped with your phone then there's nothing you can do about it, but chrome has some tricks that might speed up your internet experience.

If you have not downloaded it yet, go to the play store or app store in your phone and search for chrome to download it. Once downloaded, launch it and  type in the following at  the address bar

chrome://flags/max-tiles#max-tiles-for-interest-area (1)

Then go to the max tiles for interest area drop down menu(2) and tick the highest value(3). Once you have chosen your selection, a relaunch button will appear at the bottom of the browser(4). Click this to take effect.

If you think this does not improve your browsing experience then you can easily revert chrome into its default state easily by typing this at the address bar, chrome://flags(5) reset to default(6), then relaunch(7).

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