Saturday, 17 May 2014

4 Ways To Improve Cellular Signal

A work colleague has a data connectivity problem the other day. She was sitting very near the window trying to send emails using her mobile phone network. She told me she has tried several times but could not send it. And when I tried it myself, the message did not go through either.

The signal bar was at least at level 1, but I have already suspected that because we work inside a building and most of the time we are at a no signal zone, the animation of the data signal might be having a problem that it is showing level 1 whilst in reality there is none. Obviously the accurate way to get the real signal is to restart the phone, but this could take at least two minutes. The quickest and equally effective is to put the phone into flight mode on then off again. This process takes seconds as it only toggles connectivity functions only. After we did that, presto, all of the emails in the queue were sent.


To solve the problem is to understand the possible causes first. There are many factors that can affect connectivity. This could be a network proximity problem, or your distance from the closest cellular tower. The farther you are from this results in weaker signal.

The second is obstructions of radio signals like solid and thick walls that results in signal traffic that can not penetrate through.

The third is the ability of the phone to receive signals. Sometimes even the way you hold the phone can affect the signal strength. The same with battery condition.

Sometimes the network is to blame. Every network works independently from each other, and the strength of their signal depends on the number and location of their cell sites. The more sites they have, the wider their signal coverage.


  • 1. There's nothing much we can do about the distance and network causing the problem. There are simple things we can do to this according to individual circumstances. If you experience this whilst inside a building, going to an open area can improve the reception. Or walk to a near window whilst placing a call. 

  • 2. Keep the battery topped up at it's peak level. When the battery is low, it might have enough power to place a call but not strong enough to search a signal. Holding the phone upright and avoiding to touch the top portion of the phone (usually the built in antennae is located) whilst on an active call can improve signal reception.

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  • 3. If you have a permanent low signal at home, it is best to invest on a cellular mobile phone signal repeater to boost the weak signal from your cellular network. This can increase signal reception over the coverage area. Though it is a bit expensive, it would worth every penny when this means not going to have a walk when you want to place a call. But be wary about those cheap stick on signal boosters as most of them do not really work.

  • 4. If everything else fails, you might want to change your provider. There are places that a certain network does not have a signal at all whilst other have a strong presence. This depends on the location and number of their cell towers. To check which network is available in your area, tap settings(android), connections, more networks, mobile networks, network operators. The strongest network will appear at the top as it is the first to appear at the search.

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