Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Why You Will Like the iPhone SE

Life is a collection of changes and turns, going and coming back, and we need to adopt to it in order to survive. After all, these changes shape the world we live in and the things we need to live. After a while, apple turns around and re-shape their flagship phone into the previous version. This is a surprise specially to those who are following the trend of apple phones and expecting an iPhone 6C.

Is it because the sale of the enormous iPhone 6/S is disappointing? Or it's size fills the complaints box of people not used to handle bigger gadgets? Whatever the reason is, this turn around is focused on the users, it's functions and affordability.

Brief Specs and Expectations

The newest apple is the same in size and design as the old iPhone 5 with 4 inch- screen. Yet it behaves more like the iPhone 6S in terms of hardware. It sports the newest A9 processor, the same with the 6S, 2 GB of RAM, but obviously a lower capacity battery that can stay up to 13 hours. The back camera is also an 6S copycat at 12MP and 1.5MP front facing cam as the  6. Though it has a fingerprint sensor, it is not equipped with 3d touch which users say does not make any difference as they do not use this feature much.

With these specs and functionality, the iPhone SE is a price crash version of the 6S. Although it lacks the screen size the iPhone 6 users are enjoying, it balances the equation by better capabilities.

The iPhone SE has not hit the shelves yet but is ready to pre-order now.

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