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Samsung S2 and S3 Cool Tricks 1

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Fast Wireless File Transfer

Using one of the many connectivity, peer-to-peer type, samsung smartphone range has, activating the wi-fi direct  connection uses  wi-fi functionality between wi-fi enabled devices to transfer files between them, or to print to a nearby wi-fi printer. The device and the target device can connect wirelessly using wi-fi interface and they do not need a bridge to establish a connection. Both can be a server and both can be a target. This function not only see what devices are nearby but can also identify hardware that can do the job you are going to share, like when you want to print something, only the wi-fi direct enabled printer can be seen.

Why do you need it? Yes you have already bluetooth to transfer files between devices but bluetooth is limited by distance, and the file size. If you are planning to transfer a large file, say a whole movie into your devices, you will be better off with wifi direct, it is easier and faster. In my test, it took at least 8 to 9 minutes to transfer the whole 633.3MB of movie from the S2 to the S3 at a greater distance between the two devices, the S2 downstairs and the S3 upstairs, whilst being charged. As mentioned above, you can also use the connection to a wi-fi direct enabled printer.

To enable wifi direct, click settings, more  (under wireless and networks), tap on/off  button of the Wi-Fi Direct. Then tap Wi-Fi Direct to set up and choose which enabled device to connect to. Both of the devices should be Wi-Fi Direct setting enabled! Whilst  wi-fi direct is enabled, the internet connection is disabled as the two functions share the same wi-fi radio device.

On the source device, go to the folder where the file you want to transfer is, tap the  illuminated button at the left of the home button , tap share, then tick the file you want to share, select the way you want to share it, then select the device you want to share with.

As you can see below, the file has been tranferred within at least 8 to 9 minutes (see the time of sending and the completion of transfer) with a large file of 633MB.

On the target device, Wi Fi direct was turned on before the transfer and it has been connected to the device source or server.

The shared file will be at myfiles/sdcard/ShareViaWiFi. You can move the file to any directory or folder afterwards.

Speed up phone function

Swipe to call and swipe to send message

You can call a contact fast without pressing the call button by swiping your fingers going to the right whilst you're in a contact phone number details, swiping in the different direction will let you send message.

Dial Direct

The home screen can be customised in different ways. One of which is the ability of the phone to create a direct shortcut for a contact to be called or sent a message. S2 has this and at S3, I can't see the command. To activate this function, go to the home screen you want to put your shortcuts and tap the screen until a menu Add to Home opens. Choose shortcuts, Direct dial (to make a direct dial button) or Direct message ( to send a text message), then choose which contact to have a shortcut. Now if you want to dial your contact, just go to that home screen and press the shortcut botton for call to place a call or the message shortcut to send a message.

Scientific Calculator

To access this function, make sure your phone's screen rotation is not locked. Tap calculator and then rotate the screen for the scientific calculator to be activated.

Adjust Screen Brightness 

It's annoying when you can't read what's on your screen, because the environment you're in is well lit or there's a presence of a strong glare from the sun or whatever. In this situation you need to get into the screen brightness settings which is at least 3 taps away if you get it first time. But the faint screen tends to delay things up as you struggle to find the correct icon to tap.

You can do this in a single swipe after you unlock the screen by swiping your your finger at the top where the signal icons are from left to right. To activate this functionality, your phone's screen display brightness  should NOT be set into automatic.

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