Friday, 22 June 2012

Making Control Panel More Understandable

Whenever you want to do anything on your computer, to add peripherals or personify it, to add programs or delete some, personify it or make it prettier, everything you want to do, control panel is the best bet you need to be in. The problem with control panel is it is a collection of icons. To a technically savy person, these icons mean something like restoring your computer into earlier time or turning the screen display upside down. To a technically challenge person it doesn't mean anything until he tries everything and  gets to the function he wants to have. How we wish every icons in the control panel has a detailed explanation of what it does!

This is the beauty of God Mode in Windows 7. It is a collection of control panel functions in a way that is it is clearly understood. If you want to restore your computer into earlier time, then go to restore computer into earlier time in God Mode. If you want to add gadget into your desktop then go to the add gadget into desktop! Simple and easier to understand!

How to get GodMode (god mode is the official name but of course you can change it according to your will, just type in the name you want.)

Before making a folder, it is recommended to highlight and copy the code first

1. Right click  an empty space in your desktop then click new, then folder. 
2. Right click the new folder and  rename the new folder into (if you have copied the code before the start, you can just paste it)


The icon will change and when you click the shortcut, instead of the usual icons of what we usually do with the computer using the control panel, are phrases written in something  easier to understand. This definitely will speed up everything and eliminate hit and miss!

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