Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Is Your Browser Fast and Future Proof?

HTML5 is the internet language for browsers in the future. In fact, browsers are already preparing their brand to be HTML5 compliant as soon as possible. One of the advantages of this code is the handling of multimedia contents. Instead of using plugins or other applications to play videos online, browsers with HTML5 capability will just play the content. This might be the reason why apple did not include  flash for videos, which is a resource hungry plug in, in their products because they know that HTML5 is coming.

So which browser is HTML5 compliant? How can you determine that the existing browser in your computer is HTML5 future proof? This simple online test do not only determine HTML5 compliant but can also tell how  fast your browser is. The speed of browsers are not just limited to your internet connection, but computer hardwares like the CPU, RAM, and graphics play a vital role as well. 

Testing Your Browser

On your laptop, computer, tablet or mobile device, open http://www.peacekeeper.futuremark.com on your browser . Allow the page to load until the test button appears. Click the test button and it could take up to 5 minutes to complete the task. 

The time at the top right shows how much time is remaining and the text at the bottom shows what it is currently testing. There are tests that might be skipped because your browser or device hardware does not support it.

The higher the score, the faster your browser is, and the number below the score determines how HTML5 compliant your browser is. In this result, the browser is 0 out of 7 HTML5 compliant!

To test another browser, navigate to the bottom of the results page and click test another browser. A link will be highlighted. Copy it and open another browser to test, then paste the link and begin testing again.

Results by browsers on Windows Vista Laptop!

AOL (see the score above)


Internet Explorer



Test your browsers now to know which one is to keep!

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