Monday, 4 June 2012

Samsung S2 Update to ICS

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Does your Samsung S2 has the latest Adroid OS yet? You might have it if you've purchased it recently, or at least after Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System is introduced. What's so special about the ICS is it makes functions easier to accomplish like  multitasking,  notifications, customizable home screens, resizable widgets,  interactivity and adds powerful new ways of communicating and sharing. One particular feature is the face unlock, where in the device uses it's camera for facial recognition to unlock the screen!  Clever.

Upgrading is easy and simple and it won't take much time. My upgrade to ICS is just within an hour or less, with O2 pay monthly network. Here's how.

I would recommend a wi-fi connection for this and the phone plugged into the mains socket. Why? Using your home wi-fi is faster rather than using data connection, and I did not know how long the procedure will be initially so plugging into the mains will guarantee full power no matter how long will it takes. 

Go to settings, tap about phone, software update then  update. The availability of the update depends on your network. If the phone does not recognise a new hardware and in is not yet an android 4.0 then contact your network on how you can get the new OS. If it does, just simply download the 223MB package for the ICS.

After download, you will be prompted to install the firmware upgrade. Your phone will close and upon restart, the installation begins. 

To reaffirm you have the latest Android 4 Operating System, go to settings and click about phone.

The unlock screen is different than the old OS, now it is represented by animation of a key being unlocked. I also noticed that the screenshot you take with the new OS goes to the photo folder which has a new subfolder for screen shots, rather than the direct screenshot directory.

The old path for screen capture was /sdcard/ScreenCapture, the new one is /sdcard/Pictures/Screenshots

The bluetooth and wifi interfaces are also different. Once  bluetooth  or wifi function is enabled, rather than an immediate submenu for the searching of bluetooth or wifi devices nearby, you need to tap the bluetooth or wifi icon or text to begin scanning or broadcasting the phone's bluetooth or wifi signal. These are just minor confusing changes but what I really liked is that I also noticed that the battery life becomes longer and the applications and the phone itself became more responsive after the upgrade. 

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