Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Internet Not Working After ICS update

A day after ICS update, my Samsung S2's native internet browser does not launch up. After pressing the internet button, the phone's screen splashes blank white screen, then followed by blank black screen. The left and right buttons do not do anything either. This means I won't be able to go to the native internet settings to clear the cache. Afterwards, it flashes a quick message I could not catch up, too quick to make a screen shot!

Alternative Browser

Luckily, everything that connects and uses the internet still worked, it was just the native internet browser that had a problem loading. I downloaded opera browser from the play market and the new browser works. I am convinced that something happened with the native application. At that point, with the alternative browser working, I was tempted to stop, but I need to get a solution for the native internet not working.


I did the following one at a time, restarted the phone, soft reset it (press volume up and power button for at least 5 seconds until it restarts), took off the battery and started the device, nothing happened. The native internet still gives a blank black screen, and an additional error message saying "twlauncher not responding".

I closed it and went to twlauncher by pressing settings, applications, all, and scrolled down to twlauncher. Pressed force stop and clear data, then restarted the device.

Tried to launch the native internet again but still not working. The good news is the error message on twlauncher did not showed up. The bad news is, all of the personalised screen I did on the home screen were gone. They were replaced by the factory home screen settings. No worries as it's easy to personalise!

Clear Internet Data Through Applications

This has given me an idea to find the internet application and do the same, clear and delete all of it's data, hoping to revert it back to working condition.  Once I found it, I forced quit, cleared data and cache.

Restarted the device and the native internet worked like nothing happened!

I really do not know why this happened after an update. It might be because some files has been erased or overwritten or misplaced to different locations that programs using these files become clueless  where these files are and that's causing the confusion and coming up to an error message!

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