Monday, 4 June 2012

FB Timeline Tip

FB Timeline Removal

Not everyone is a fan with the timeline FB interface. In fact I do not like it myself. A lot of times, there are applications out there that claim they can remove and revert back to the old interface. Can these apps really do this? The answer is no.

What they REALLY do is they tweak the way you view FB page! In fact most browsers has available extensions and they work by instructing your browser to act like an old and outdated browser such as Internet Explorer 7 that Facebook timeline does not  support.  One such application that can do this accross browsers is FB purity, you can download and install it from

Another one is an extension for chrome, timeline remove. See further down.


Once you've installed FB purity and If you are using firefox, click tools, user agent switcher, internet explorer, internet explorer 7


If you are using Safari,  you need to first go into the Preferences menu, click Advanced, then tick the "Show Develop menu in menu bar" option, then exit the preferences menu.

Then click the page icon menu  then select the "Develop/User agent" menu, there you can choose the useragent you wish to use for the current website you are viewing. Then choose Internet Explorer 7.


If you are using Chrome, click the wrench icon, tools,  extensions, then get more extensions(at the bottom).

At the search box, type timeline remove or fb timeline remover etc., and a list of extensions will appear. I have choosen the first on the search result.

Just a reminder that the extension did not changed the FB timeline codes. The timeline FB interface is the permanent interface at the moment and other computers or browsers that do not have the extensions intalled will still show the timeline.

My FB page without the extension and with extension (FB timeline remover???)

Without Extension/Timeline Interface
With Extension/Old Interface

Higher than internet explorer 7 users have no choice but to get alternative browsers like the ones above to view the old FB interface at the time of this post but I am sure there will be anytime soon.

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