Saturday, 23 June 2012

How to Print From Anywhere Wirelessly

Wi-fi technology makes life easy and simple. Easy in the sense that connected gadgets with the same wi-fi station can communicate and function as much as like the wired counterparts. Simple in the sense that the use or wires is eliminated, so no more spaghetti type connections which is annoying sometimes. Wireless connection adds more space usage flexibility and can be so much useful in situations that space is an issue. Ease of use specially in the area of outputting your work into a hard copy, like printing your documents or photos from a wi-fi enabled device. This you can do anywhere, within the range of your wi-fi devices. You do not need to go and sit down by side of the printer to do that. You do not need to open up your computer or laptop as long as you have a copy on your device. You can print anywhere wirelessly!

What do you need?

1. A router
2. Wi-fi enabled devices (laptop, PC's) or wi-fi enabled mobile devices (smart phones)
3. Wi-fi enabled printer

The wi-fi enabled printer I have for this is the KODAK Hero 3.1 which has ports for memory cards (Memory Stick, SD card, MultiMediaCard), and can support Cloud Printing for those who has a cloud account.

Kodak Hero 3.1   £66.62 delivered

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Setting up the printer.

1. If you've just bought your printer, remove all the self stick protection film and the cardboards protecting the paper feeder slots. The print head and the print ink are still in their packaging and they are located inside the printer. You need to lift the main cover to access this.

2. Connect the printer into the mains and select your language and location. Then you'll be prompted to install the print head and the print ink.

3. You will then asked to calibrate the printer and print a test page. 

4. Setting up the printer into wi-fi 

Once you have successfully set up your printer, a menu will ask you to choose wi-fi  or usb printing.Obviously wi-fi should be selected. You need to select your wi-fi access from the list and key in your network key.

If you do not know your network key go to  and enter admin as user name and password as the password. This is with the presumption that the default username and password are  not yet changed. Then go to the wireless section and see your wireless access key. Then  key in to your printer's wifi setting.

5. Setting up your wi-fi enabled laptop

Insert the installtion cd and once installed you will be asked to choose between USB or  wifi as a printer mode. Click wifi and the driver for wifi will be installed. The computer will also ask you to check if there is an update for the software and it is recommended to search for updates. Once installed,your computer will look for the printer and it should detect your printer. From that point you are ready to print any where.

6. Setting up your smartphone 

Whatever brand you have, go to it's market place, (iPhone at apps store, Android at Play Store) and search for Pic Flick. Install it and you are ready to print wirelessly. 

How to print from your smart phone?

Open up Pic Flick and choose your picture or document then send it to your printer! That's it!


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