Thursday, 21 June 2012

How to Automatically Play .asx Content on Chrome

Chrome is my favourite browser and  made  it as my default browser  to open web  contents. It's speed has made me decide to choose it over others. However, I encountered a problem in playing  video streaming contents that use the built it Windows Media Player program in my new laptop. As chrome has just been downloaded, the user account control notifications keeps on popping up. UAC makes the laptop safer but in this case, it is annoying. As I need to click twice before windows media player is activated, not to mention the waiting period between clicks.

 I searched on forums on how to automatically play a content on chrome that uses windows media player. One forum's suggestion is to disable the UAC notification, which is sensible but will compromise the machine's safety against's other dodgy websites and threats. As this will mean the playback of a video once you click it without asking you the second time.

Other suggestions are telling to do something about the registry, which I do not have the courage to do. Then something in my mind popped out. Way back when I was using AOL browser, the program does not open up windows media player to play the content but plays it within the AOL browser, with it's own plug in media player. Then I thought that there might also be a media player plug in somewhere within chrome. But on a second thought, it should automatically detect and install it if it is missing! Now the question is, is there a media player plug in or there is not?

How to check plug ins in chrome

Click the wrench icon, then settings, advanced settings, click content settings ( under privacy ), disable individual plugins (under plug ins) and the available plug ins will be listed. In this case, windows media player plugin is NOT in the list.

Download the windows media player plug in

I googled windows media player plug in for chrome and from the resulting search I found a link to download the needed plug in at

Test video playback

Close your chrome browser and reopen again then go the content that won't automatically play. Initially, UAC will again let you confirm to let the content and the website run with the newly installed plug in. I recommend to choose always run on this site so the site will be excluded from being checked by the UAC and to run automatically everytime.

You can now enjoy your video on your browser without bringing about the full windows media player. You can also choose full screen playback by right clicking the screen window.


  1. Unfortunately, this plugin will NOT work with Chrome versions newer than 32.
    This is stated on web site.

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