Saturday, 12 April 2014

How To Find Out Your Phone Number Using A Regular Phone and A Smart Phone

Not knowing your mobile phone number could be frustrating specially when you need it in an instant like topping up online. Especially when the one you have is a pay as you go sim card that you do not use often and the sim card is out of credit. You wouldn't be able to add credit on it without knowing your number first. And you can not make a call or text to a different number to do a reverse look up.

Here's how to get hold of the phone number using the mobile network with a normal mobile phone.

To check your mobile number, simply dial *#100# and press the call button from your handset.

Text the word number to 150. A text reply will be sent with your phone number. This is a free service.

Text the word number to 2020. A text message will be sent with your phone number. The cost of sending and receiving the message is free.

You can also use a smartphone to show the mobile number of a sim card.


Go to settings, general, about device, status, then check under my phone number


Go to settings, phone and the  number appears at the top of the screen. Or tap phone, contacts, the number appears at the top of the list. Or see under summary tab when you connect your device in iTunes using a computer.

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