Monday, 7 April 2014

Why You Will Love the Samsung S5

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Few days from now, the new smartphone flagship of Samsung will be available in the UK. The Samsung S5 will be ready to amuse you with new tricks and features of a high end product starting 11th of April. Here are  interesting, practically useful and new features of the S5.

Water Resistant and Dust Resistant

This is an important feature for those looking for an extra protection. A high percentage of all mobile phone damage is caused by water. With the new model, you can bring it in the open and do not mind the weather. If it happens to fall and soaked under water, do not worry as test has been made and has survived 30 minutes fully soaked without a sign of water leakage or internal harm to electronic parts. This is a feature came true for the adventurous and meticulous as they can just wash it with water when it comes into contact with mud, dust or sticky fingers.

Security Features

The phone is equipped with Finger Scanner that thwarts theft. It also helps in making secure mobile payments and  an integrated part of the Private Mode feature that locks your photos and sensitive data with your fingerprint in case you left your phone lying around.

On the software side, “Find My Mobile” and “Reactivation Lock” are included to enhance anti-theft features that can track down lost or stolen phone and will lock the phone if there’s an unauthorized attempt to reset it. 

If you are splashing an S5 to younger kids, there's a new Kids Mode with applications tailored for young children to protect them whilst using the device. You can customize it in a way that you can limit the time in a day they can use the phone or choose apps that they can access.

Ultra Power Saving Mode

Squeezing the last drop of power could be frustrating specially when you are out from a mains socket or forgot your charger, but with this feature it can stretch the remaining battery further more by turning all features off except for calls and texts. It will also automatically turn the screen into black and white to save even more. Samsung says that a 10% battery life can be stretched into 24hours when this feature is on.

Download Booster and Wi-Fi MIMO

Is it possible to achieve a 1GB of data in 30 seconds or less without increasing the network's bandwitdh speed? The  Wi-Fi Multiple Input and Multiple Ouput feature uses multiple antennas  that is integrated into the device, significantly increases the data throughput and range without additional muscle to transmit data from the network provider. 

With the download booster activated, both the 4G (LTE) connection from the network provider and the Wi-Fi connection are active at the same time, creating a unified and very fast network and so thus your download!

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