Sunday, 6 April 2014

Why You Will Love the HTC One M8

HTC One M8
Not all smartphones are created equal. This is what HTC has proven the world of manufacturers that they can be different and can be better than the rest. HTC doesn't simply wants us to buy its phones but to love them and treat them with respect. And here are the reasons why I might be doing that.

Metal body.

Who have thought of designing a phone with one piece of metal then carefully and precisely curved out the necessary ports and compartments to accommodate various parts of a phone? This is clever and would like to believe it has been done with careful planning and painstaking research. And not only the case that needed this but the components so that they will fit perfectly into it.

Most smartphones in the market today are made primarily of plastics. This make them feel flimsy and cheap.Though plastic has it's practical side that it can be easily replaced when it get damaged, but the though of a solid and robust metal casing can give a piece of mind that you will not need to replace any exterior part of the phone during it's lifetime.

Front Facing Speakers.

Why front facing speakers? Are they better that rear facing  ones? The answer is obvious if you would notice audio systems pointing their speakers in the direction of the user. I think the question should be deflected and rephrased "why did they have ever designed a rear facing speaker in the first place"? 

Camera Magic

So you have a shaky hands and focus on the wrong subject before you press the shutter. Now you are not sure to pause for a while, refocus and gamble on the fact that you might miss that one in a lifetime shot. With the M8, you do not need to worry about it, just press the shutter. Even if the subject is not in focus during the shot, the magic(uFocus) inside the HTC one will correct that  whilst previewing the shot.

Night shots can be clearer with the integrated UltraPixels sensor. The more pixels do not mean clearer photos, specially at night but larger sensor does, because the larger the sensor the more light is captured. This is a useful feature specially at a darker environment.

InfraRed Port (SenseTV)

This phone feature has been ditched during the introduction of  bluetooth connectivity.  Little did we know that we will be going back to this feature because of it's useful and practical application like remote control. Most remote controls are served by infrared signals that needs a  line of sight connection. And this what Sense TV on the M8 has to offer.  This is no ordinary remote control as it can be programmed to accommodate different brands and equipments. In theory, with the phone alone, you will not need all those remotes that came with  your devices, leaving you a tidier coffee table and savings on batteries.

MicroSD Card Slot

Not like the first HTC One that does not have an expandable storage, the new model now support a microSD Card of upto 128GB. You can throw in more data now than before!

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