Sunday, 13 April 2014

Practical Apps

How many apps do we really need for our smartphones? Millions are already there and everyday a new one is being added. The sad news is most of them functions the same or just copycats that has been given a new name that are only wasting up the phone's storage.. So what application should we keep or need to download? As there is no right and wrong answer to this question, the best indicator is what do you do with your smartphone.

I have at least 10 loyalty cards that I use when I purchase shopping. The problem is my wallet could not accommodate them all. And sometimes the card that I need is left behind. So I purchased a wallet type phone cover for my smartphone to accommodate them all. The only downside is the pockets are a bit tight that some of the cards are cracking as they are stashed on top of the other.


Then I came across this application for store cards called  card star. The application supports  iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Nokia  flat form.  You can check the program from

Download Cardstar 

What it does is it stores your store card details in your phone and it can be accessed anytime once it is saved. You can add any card by tapping the top right icon(1). You can search the merchant using the search(2) function or by selecting it from the a dropdown menu(4). You can also specify it's name(3) if it's not on the list. You have the option to scan the barcode or enter the card number manually. The application will generate a virtual barcode(6) that you can use in your shopping.

Snap Pea

If you are using Android, here's an interesting application that let's you manage your phone with a windows computer. Once you have logged into google, you can use chrome browser to view the contents like photos, text messages, contacts, and installed apps. If you like texting, you will love this even more using snap pea. You can read(9) or send SMS messages(7) with your computer using the android phone's sim card wirelessly, and also preview or edit photos(8) from your device without necessarily downloading it first. Adding a photo file from your computer to your phone or vice versa is also supported. I find this application easier to use that Kies. Applications(11)can also be uninstalled from the viewing computer however they can not be launched from there. Using the web interface is also better in managing contacts(10).

If you have two android phones under your log in, you can toggle between the two in a click of a button(12).

Download SnapPea 


This is a cross flatform free messaging application. It is an add free program that automatically sync your contacts with mobile phones. Users can send texts, voice, video and photo messages to a contact or group of contact anywhere. It saves users from expensive overseas SMS messaging or data allowance when sending multimedia messages as long as it is connected to a home wi-fi.  It is free to use for a year and a minimal subscription is charged. Though it is a paid application, the amount of money you can save in sending SMS and other messages using the usual mobile network is much more.

Read more on Whatsapp here!

Download Whatsapp 

Documents Free

If you use your iPad in creating word or spreadsheet documents, then this is a must to iOS users. Not only that it is free but has a cleaner interface than most office suites. Another good point is it is cloud integrated, this means saving your documents on the cloud is more flexible than using a USB key, as you can access your documents anytime and anywhere from any iOS device. 

Download Documents Free

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