Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Auto Dial: On An Android

Phone cards are popular in making cheaper international calls, however, the need to dial an access number, long PIN and the destination number is somewhat making it too fiddly to use. Others prefer international sim cards because it can be directly dialed in one touch.

Luckily, there is a way to automate all the dialing if you have a smart phone. If you are using an android phone, you can use the dialer to save a number's contact, with the phonecard's access number and PIN included. This will automate the 3 sequences into one continuous task. When it is set up, all you need to do is to tap it, and the smart phone will dial the access number, enter the PIN number and the destination number in one tap!

How To Program It

For example, if you are using just dial phonecard service, here's how to do it. Whilst on the phone's dialer

1. key in the access number
2. add a 2 second pause by pressing the star button until the "," symbol shows up
3. key in the PIN number
4. a. add a 2 second pause by pressing the star button(1) until the "," symbol shows up
    b. or you can add "wait" (this will prompt you to press a button to dial the programmed destination number) by pressing the left soft key (key with light at the left of the home button) until the dialer menu shows up
    then press W(:) Add Wait(2)
5. key in the phone number complete with international and area codes
6. save and name the contact number

How To Use It

Just tap the contact with the programmed number and it will dial the access number, wait for 2 seconds before it dial's the PIN then wait again for 2 seconds before it dial's the destination number.

If you use Add Wait(;), you need to press Yes (3) before your phone dials the phone number.

Note that when you check the call log, the name of the dialed programmed number will be over ridden by the name of the access number. If you do not save a separate contact name for the access number, the log will just be showing the access number. 

It also works with automated voice operator that tells you which numbers to press to a reach a certain department or services.

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