Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Practical Features that iPhone Missed

iPhone 6 Concept Design
Apple's iPhone is a trendsetter in the mobile phone industry but other manufacturers like Samsung and HTC are also setting infront  with their own effects that proved to be attractive to users. I own one iPhone once but disappointed with the shortage of features that rival companies have already added on their products. I couldn't help but feel shortchanged.

No doubt that the make and performance of the unit is superb. But users need not just this. They are also expecting something that can give them an edge in terms of entertainment, practicality, and advanced features. If ever I could customize what's inside an iPhone, I would put these practical features first!

Bigger Screen.

The touch interface is better when you have a larger screen to play with your finger tips. I think the size of the iPhone at the moment needs to grow. The screen is not just enough to give a comfortable view of a webpage. It is a pain to zoom in at small prints and zoom out to see the whole picture. I can not help but to make a mistake in pressing the wrong key when typing at the keyboard, and missing a character to touch when playing a game. You can really feel the difference of using a bigger screen when you start using one.

Beef Up Bluetooth

It is disappointing that the bluetooth capability is limited. It doesn't support data transfer even between two apple devices. Although airdrop feature is available on the latest apple products to share documents, it is limited to certain models and do not support other manufacturers. This is a constraint in the world of data sharing as not all of us are using the same equipment. It is more flexible to be able to send a file from one device to another using the already built in technology. 

Removable Battery

What would you do to an iPhone that can no longer hold a charge? Change the battery by sending the unit to apple or buy a spare battery and an equipment to open it up, watch instructions on how to change it on youtube, and try to change it but unsure if it would be successful? 

I wouldn't be prepared to do any of these. If the phone only has a removable battery cover, then it would be very simple to give the phone another lease of life. 

Removable Memory Storage

Like the battery, an expandable memory bay means a lot in todays mobile generation of users. Equipments are becoming more powerful, cameras have more megapixels, downloadable apps are in millions, and multimedia's can be downloaded anywhere. This means the sources of content is infinite, whilst the device is very limited. And without the option of expanding it's capacity, the user's choice is also limited.

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