Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Work Email Tip

My wife and I worked part time since our youngest was born 8 years ago. This big decision made sure that there is an adult in the house 24 hours a day. We can not afford a child minder and we thought that the idea of working full time then chop the budget to a child minder at the end is not really practical. She works 12 hours a shift,  3 days a week . 

Recently, she qualified for a course within the trust and her problem is, all communications made with the course is done through email. And the email used is her work email. This arrangement made some of her replies late, as she can only read the content of the communication when she is at work. She told me about 'Te Lorna, her co worker, that she can receive her work email in her web based email. Then I thought it must be in tweaking the setting. And here's what I've done!

How to re route your work email to your home web based email

1. Open your work email and click OPTIONS


3. Under ORGANIZE EMAIL, and INBOX RULES, click the NEW drop down menu


5. And choose to make a rule to ALL of your incoming emails.


7. You can then choose an email from your contacts or manually type in at the bottom window. This time, I've chosen my work email and yahoo email for all my messages to be redirected into.

8. Then click SAVE to confirm.

9. You then need to reconfirm

10. Reconfirmation of the new rule

11. Work email in my Yahoo account.

What's to watch out for

I just realised how easy it is, when you log in to your work account, to read someone else email by redirecting it to any email of your choice. Learning point for this is, DO NOT forget to log out after you finish what you're doing. It has been a custom for us to log in to our work account, which is directly interconnected to our work email, and leave it open for others to use Pi, ICHIS and other applications within our TRUST.

I also realised that it is not wise to use work email as ways of communicating outside the work place. Why? Messages can easily be read by administrators, I am not saying that all administrators are peeping toms, but they can if they will.

And lastly do not use your work email for banking, ebaying, amazoning, or anything that involves money!

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