Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Safari

I'm sure iPhone and other Apple products users know Safari. The built in browser of Apple devices. Honestly, I do not use it often, even in Mac, I use firefox, and in windows I use Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox. It is just recently when Firefox stopped working, so with Internet Explorer and Chrome seems like forever loading. Maybe I have a lot of things opened in my window that my vista laptop's processing power and ram gave up. You might have remembered the bad reputation of vista operating system as bloated or taking more resources than producing an outcome.

My Safari Experience

Then I remembered I still have three browsers within, AOL, Opera, and Safari. Randomly, I've chosen to click Safari and the home page started to show quickly. It is also responded quite quickly with other clicks with in the websites. With the other browsers, the same sites would pause or stop and the worst would post a warning "not responding", but Safari is different. It seems like it's unstoppable and would continue even with many multiple tabs opened. 

Playing streaming media is not a problem as well. Not like Chrome that needs tweaking and enabling something   "under the hood",  Safari will ask if you want to open or save it as a file download. I have not found a way to automatically play the content yet, but I am sure there is an option on it.

Why Safari Is Lightning Fast?

Introduced by Apple engineers, WebKit simplifies web development and accelerates innovation. Webkit is the technology powering Safari, it displays, graphics, renders fonts in a blazing speed. Because webkit is an open source engine, WebKit is free for anyone to use. In fact, an entire community of engineers is refining and streamlining the code to be faster and more reliable.

It is used in more than 100 desktop and mobile products, well known browser and super fast browser like Google Chrome (no wonder), and AOL Desktop for Mac. And it’s become the new standard for mobile browsers. WebKit powers browsers for Google Android, Nokia Series 60, Blackberry 6 OS, and Palm webOS.

It is at the moment my browser of choice, try and download it at

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