Sunday, 15 January 2012

How to Secure Online Passwords Against Hackers

Hackers are everywhere but almost impossible to pinpoint their exact whereabouts. They are so discreet that users are unaware they are prying on what we do online. Your usernames and passwords can not elude the malicious codes they let loose, with the purpose of using your online account, from email, social networks, network online stores, and online banks. They create an expensive problem within the internet community, specially at online banking and internet shopping. 

Key Logging

One of the methods that hackers use to see what you are doing online, read your emails, steal passwords, steal bank details, or simply hack your account. is keylogging. The principle of this is to record every keystrokes you make and transmit this to the hacker.

Hackers  can install a keylogging hardware with keylogging software on it  in the form of a USB stick, mouse or keyboard jack, or anything that looks harmless. And once installed, the software within can record every keystrokes you make then these recordings will be transferred to the hackers either by retrieving the device or automatic forwarding the information into their email or server.

They can also remotely install the keylogging software by tricking you into clicking on a link that has the keylogging program attached, and do the same result.


Banking software knows about this activity that they urge users to install a security software from their own banks. Some banks use password random input as an added protection. It asks you for a specific character on your password or user log in. Others have online virtual keyboard added into their sites. Rather than typing into the physical keyboard, they can just click on the screen to type in. Other banks  uses software security like rapport as an added security measure for their banking clients. The software can watch out for attempted screen capture while doing online banking. You can download Rapport free at:

Ordinary users like us can make use of the virtual keyboard supplied with Windows. To activate the program, go to START, CONTROL PANEL, EASE OF ACCESS, then click START ON SCREEN KEYBOARD

It will then be ready for use. It is more secure for typing on passwords. 

We also need to update antivirus, anti malware programs and anti spywares. They provide another layer of protection against keyloggers. There are free programs out there that can perform well like paid anti viruses. My favourites can be downloaded below.

Super Antispyware at

As there is no single protection from hackers, several measures are needed to counteract them. But sometimes it is simple to avoid this kind of attack by just being sensible on what to CLICK online!

Keylogging Devices

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