Friday, 13 January 2012

The Missing Script

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Technology's purpose is to help people do things easier. It is present in every field in fact in everything around us, we see technology delivering it's purpose. If it doesn't, or if man decides the technique with the technology can no longer cope up with man's busier activity, man look for another technique, but the underlying principle is still there. Man just innovates.

The same in the field of medicine, which is rapidly changing, as most of the diseases that are discovered of their cure are already present long time ago. it is just the way that they are seen and understood that differs with different techniques. Technology finds a way to develop and improve the effectivity  of the cure, and also technology evolved in a way that these cures reach the consumers.

Now comes online prescription and dispensing. Instead of running up the high streets for medicines and other health needs, we can do it with a mouse and a click, saving us time and effort we can use in other activities. With our busy lifetime, this is a life saver.

But what if we can no longer use or order our medicine from our online pharmacy? What if we can no longer visit the usual provider of our medicines? Others might say, it is simple, switch providers! But it is not as simple as it seems.

The Missing Script

That's what's happening at the moment between Express Scripts and Walgreens, when Express Scripts terminated the services of Walgreens from supplying their clients with medicines. This means the current Walgreens ordinary users doesn't have a choice but to transfer their prescriptions to a different pharmacy. As Walgreens offers the most number of generic products and have more 24-hour pharmacies opened than other companies, the potential savings from Walgreens users are wasted by traveling farther and having no choice but to buy branded meds when generic brands are not available.

Not just the ordinary users are affected with the change. Even the military service men and women under Tricare is caught up in the middle. As Tricare has been using Express Scripts to supply their needs. Walgreens even offered to match or even lower the prescriptions provided by any pharmacy but the offer, which is unprecedented, is turned down! This means the potential savings for that proposal for these service men and women is tossed at the bin. Which in fact a shame, because everybody needs savings from any source under this global financial crisis.

Bring Back the Missing Script

Can the users bring back Walgreens into Express Scripts? With corporate disputes like this, user's who are affected can voice out their grievances with their local media with the hope that these issues of change, annoyance, inconvenience and missed savings can be addressed. Like them on their facebook and tweeter page to show your support.

Help From Walgreens

At the moment, Walgreens wants to help users and new users to maximize their savings by making an offer on special discount or annual membership for it's prescription Savings Club until January 31st 2012. See the link  below

With the dumping of Walgreens by Express Scripts, no other is at the disadvantage than the users. Bring Walgreens back to the Scripts! 

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