Sunday, 29 January 2012

Broadband Switching

We've been using AOL for the last 8 years, providing us at least 2MBPS broadband download connection. Sometimes we get 3MBPS. This is quite slow in comparison with other providers. On tough times like this, we need a provider with the best service according to our tight budget. Or something that could give us extra. 

Acquire the MAC code

We called AOL and asked for our MAC code. The lady at the end of the line told us that they can send us a new router for free and a discount of the monthly bill for 3 months provided that we'll sign up for another 18 months. And they also would provide us up to 10MBPS service. Because we're determined to try other services we turned the lady down.

Common questions in switching broadband

There are several issues in mind why we haven't change our broadband, which in fact we should have done earlier. These are the most common perceptions when changing providers.

1. Interruption of service.

This is not really the case when you switch providers. Unless you stop them from providing your internet connection. What really happens is, the company you are in will provide you the service until your next provider switch you on to their service. Your final bill from your previous supplier will be dispatched in the post so you will know the date and the exact amount of the termination of their services.

2. Cancellation of service

You do not really need to cancel the service straight away. And there is not a need to cancel, as your new provider will take over your account from your previous company. They do the paper works and you'll just have to sit back and wait for their confirmation that the switch is done and they are supplying your internet already.

3. Charge for the switch

As long as you have completed your minimum contract, which is usually 12 to 18 months, there should be no fee to be charged. If you have not completed your minimum contract, they will charge you for the rest of the moths before your contract expires. There is no charge for the MAC code as well.

4. How long will it takes for the issuance of MAC?

It takes about 3 days or earlier. Our MAC code was emailed 2 days after request and we've got a copy as well in the mail box.

5. Expiration of MAC codes

The MAC code or key lasts for a month from the time of issue. So if you still have 5 months to wait until you'll finish your contract, there is no need to get your MAC yet, as you will need to call them back again to get an updated code.

Broadband providers and contact numbers

Here's the list of costumer services from different companies to call when you need to get your MAC code.

0800 049 4404
BT Yahoo (Residential)
0800 085 2819
BT Yahoo (Business)
0845 600 7020
BT Broadband
0800 328 6738
0845 272 2333
0871 230 9312
0844 395 0830
0871 230 9300
0800 316 3483
0800 198 1351
0871 663 3300
0808 189 1376
08442 410 582
0800 049 7843
0845 077 4488
0845 454 1111
0845 058 9009
Top broadband offers

AT the time of writing this post, unlimited broadband with speed up to 30MBPS is priced at £5 per month, provided that you take line rental with them, or TV package, and other services. Here are some of the top 4's from different comparison sites.

From Broadband Choices

From Broadband Genie

From Compare the Market

From Uswitch 



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