Friday, 13 January 2012

Why Can't My MP3 Enabled DVD Home Theatre Detect My USB Stick?

I was in my friends house the other day and helped in transferring her iTunes music into her USB stick, this time not Buble's, but classical music from modern conductors. Obviously, she had read the last post on converting her music and wanted to play it on a bigger system comfortably and easily. 

We could have set up music streaming but her Home Theatre System(HTS) is not wifi enabled, and do not have bluetooth receiver as well. The hassle of connecting her iPad or iPhone into the HTS is a bit of a work, because of the location which is not really accessible, and besides, she needed a 3.5 mm x 3.5 mm jack to connect the iPad or the iPhone into the HTS which at that time is not available. The most sensible and practical option is to get a spare USB stick or SD card (the SD card can be inserted into a card reader and then put it in the USB slot, that's practicality)! Putting the music files into a CD is also a good option, but if I have to choose, I will do it with the USB.

Anyway, the HTS can read MP3's whether written in a CD or as a file in a USB stick. It can even read music files in a directory or inside a folder. This HTS is more capable than my wife's  iPhone radio dock that can only read music files on the root directory (not inside any folder). These are the facts according to the HTS operation manual.

USB Not Detected

The music files were converted into MP3's and transferred into the USB successfully. Then the moment of truth, we've inserted it into the HTS and went into MP3 menu. The annoyance started when the device can not detect the USB stick. Possible problem is the USB port of the HTS is dirty. Got a piece of cloth and wiped it inside the port. The USB stick is reinserted but still it can not  be detected.

DVD and USB Shared the Same Port

Then I came across in the manual that it can also play MP4 videos from a USB device. A thought came into my mind that perhaps, the DVD drive and USB stick share the same resources and the DVD drive is configured to be as the HTS' default operation device. I pressed eject, and a DVD disc came out, then at the screen window showed USB inserted! Then Mozart's music played!

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