Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Streaming Multimedia With the Xbox 360

It's boxing day today in the UK, the second most anticipated day next to Christmas, or maybe the first, especially to children. This day is the unboxing of gifts!

If you are lucky enough to have the latest gizmos, ipad's, iphone's, samsung smart phone's, or gaming consoles as gifts, then this post is something worth reading. Sometimes it is not enough to know how to use and enjoy your device on the things they are obviously intended for, mobiles for calling and surfing the net, games consoles for playing games, but it is also good to know a little bit beyond, like streaming contents from your mobile, like movies, pictures and music, into a TV. Streaming is something easy and free to do when you have compatible devices.

Like when you want to stream the contents of your Samsung S3 into a bigger telly, you can use your xbox 360, together with a wifi connection and a big telly to output music, photos and videos.

Stream Samsung S3 Contents

1. To do this, turn on your Xbox (should be connected to home wifi) then initially set up the S3 (also connected to the same home wifi) by going into the settings, more connections, nearby devices, tick file sharing. Under advanced tab, tap shared contents and tick videos, photos, and music, press OK. The phone will detect the nearby xbox then press. OK and you are ready to share.

To start sharing photos, go to gallery and select which photo to show on TV, then press the streaming icon at the top. The Xbox receives the file and output it into the telly.

Watch Video here!

To stream videos, just go to the videos and play the one you want to stream, then press that magic button! For music, you can do the same.

Watch how to do it here!

Stream iPad Contents

1. For iPad or iPhone users, search and download for Xbox 360 streamer from itunes first. Once downloaded, turn on your Xbox and make sure it is connected to the home wifi.

2. Open up the Xbox 360 streamer application from your ipad and press the on power button at the right side (red when on, gray when off), then press the blue button to ready files for streaming.With this application,only music can be streamed.

3. On the Xbox 360, go to music menu, my music apps, system music player, select the ipad 360 streamer source, then the music you want to play.

On your iPad, this xbox icon turns green and the music playing is shown on at the screen.

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