Sunday, 9 December 2012

How to Easily Convert YouTube Music Videos into MP3's

You tube is  a rich source of tutorials, and movies, but not only that, of music as well. In fact, I use it as the secondary general search engine next to google, and the first choice when I search for music tracks. Even the weirdest sounding music and composers that I never thought would exists can show in the results when searched for.

I came across a composition called "The Devil's Beauties" on one of my favourite radio stations when sending my wife to work and the first time I heard it, I decided to include it in my "drive time collection." There was no results when I tried to search it using a free android MP3 search, so I decided to use youtube. And there it is at the results at last, although from a different artist, it sounded like the same rendition as the one played on the radio.

The only problem now is to convert it into MP3. I have used freemake video converter with success in the past but at the time of writing, it can not detect any video on the URL's to convert. Given up with freemake, I was tempted to use the built in windows sound recorder. The only problem is the file format would have a windows media audio output which is not compatible with my old MP3 car player which can only support MP3's. I could have used itunes to convert it into suitable AAC version and later into MP3 but this takes more work and this time I got lazy. I want to convert it instantly on the go and without adding more software into my system!

After many tries of the online converters I managed to find, I found a site that convert the youtube video into MP3 without fuss, from To use it is very simple. Just go to the site, copy the URL from youtube, then paste it at, click convert, this might take sometime to load and do it's thing, but when it started, it is amazingly quick. Then click download to get a copy into your computer and your done. You can also select your directory destination if you are using internet explorer!

The good thing about online converters is you do not need to add another software in your system, Free converters have bad points as well. One is , google, that owns youtube,  might prohibit the use of such sites at some point that may render the site unusable. The converted tracks do not sound like the real thing like those in CD's or legitimate MP3 downloads, so for those who has ears for music, buy them legit from shops like Asda Direct,  amazon, play, HMV, and others . Another nasty bit is spywares that might be bundled and open up whilst searching for suitable converters. So be careful.

Note: this is just for everyones info on how to convert music videos into MP3's and I am not encouraging everyone to do it as an alternative to buying the real MP3's!

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