Friday, 7 December 2012

Interesting Gadget For the iPhone 4/ 4S/ and 5

What do you do with your iPhone aside from making phone calls, internet calls, and surfing the internet? Taking photos and recording video clips of everyday life would be one of the top things on what to do list! With the high spec built in camera hardware , it is tempting to use it. It's portability and accessibility makes it more enticing to use than a proper point and shoot cameras. Film enthusiasts, in fact, has been making movies using iPhone camera. And why not, the built in camera does not only take memories but takes it in high definition as well. Bundled with a stunning screen, it is also perfect for playback, and pleasurable to use to edit pictures and videos. 

Now the big question is, who wants to hold the iPhone when everyone wants to be in the picture? Who wants to press the button then everyone is playing their own role in the film? An improvised stand can help and the self timer function can be useful but this means the subject has no choice but to work around the iPhone's focus to get a decent shot. A dedicated camera man is what's missing, and that's you! Or maybe not.

Meet SWIVL, your  instant camera man. This is made primarily for iPhone 4/ 4S/ and 5. What it does is, it continuously tracks your movement and take your photo or video just like a dedicated camera man. Only that it doesn't get tired of following your every movement. In fact, it can track you at full 360 degrees horizontal rotation, and +10 degrees and -20 degrees vertically. This means you are always in the scene when you move around, as long as you are in it's 10 metre range tracking signal detection. It can be mounted in an ordinary tripod if you need more flexibility. And can be controlled with another iPhone.

See more details where to get SWIVL or click the photo to play the video on how it works.

The Specs

Audio and tracking compatible with iPhone 4 & 4S and iPod Touch (4th Gen)
Also compatible with iPhone 5, Android phones under 11mm deep and cameras using the tripod mount for tracking only
Designed for use without external cases
Swivl will work with most tripod mounted cameras under 175grams, (although you’ll lose some of the functionality)

Product Features:

Motion sensitive tracking - The base automatically follows the marker and you up to 33 feet (10 meters). It swivel’s 360 degrees horizontally and +10 / -20 degrees vertically when commanded from the Marker.
Tripod Compatible - In addition to iOS devices, it works with any tripod mountable pocket video camera, or point and shoot camera
Remote Control via iPhone
Multiple, flexible mounting options
iOS Digital Microphone - Capture high quality digital audio through a lossless wireless connection to the marker.
Sports and Standard Mode
iOS App Controlled - This App provides remote controls of video. Swivl can be customised for telepresence, monitoring, panoramics, time lapse and more.

Tripod accessory
USB cable - for firmware updates

Battery Requirements:
Base requires 2x AA or an AC Adaptor - available as an accessory/li>
Wireless Marker requires 2x AAA batteries

Optional Accessories
The Base operates on 2x AA batteries and provides you with four hours of action capture. It also can be operated with a separate AC Adapter accessory, also available from Firebox.

Base measures approximately 14cm(W) x 3.8cm(D) x 10.5cm(H)
Remote measures approximately 5cm(W) x 2cm(D) x 6.4cm(H)

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