Thursday, 6 December 2012

Google Secret Fun

Google is no doubt, the number one search engine used by most internet users. I would like to think that it is the synonym of search, as it is the first word that comes to mind, when I want to look for something, to look for directions, or to know the cheapest price of a certain product and where I could buy it. But so much with the formal stuff, google is also fun.

There are people who have been using google too much and might have been bored with the usual search result format. So they make the results visually and functionally exciting for internet users like you and me. To break the monotony of the usual search results, here are some examples of their works! 

Auto Type Backwards

Go to, google typed backwards, and the search engine answers back with results written backwards, a mirror image of the normal result. 

Gravity Effect

Go to the link below and the search engine's elements will drop down to the bottom. Type in any search word and press enter and the results will pile up on top of each other.  This works with google chrome and firefox only.

Guitar Tones

This search effect is one of my favourite. As the name suggests, a guitar note is played whilst you type in the search window. You can also turn your keyboard into a guitar by pressing the keys or running the cursor through the strings. There is an example melody complete with the keys to press to play the tune. Another amazing feature is the ability to record what you play by pressing the record button included at the page. 


If you 've been computing since the late 80's, then you might have missed the early font available during that era, terminal font. Only this time it has colours. The animation is not high tech as you thought but it nostalgic and complete with tones like that with a dial up modem connection. To do a search, press S or L first . Try it here.

Tilt Me

Typing tilt whilst on a search result makes the page slightly tilted to the right. 

Underwater Scene 

Fancy a shark and other fishes swimming as you search? And search elements floating by like a ducky in a bath? Try to ttype in any search word one at a time and the search results will fill in your screen with screenshots of pages, icons and logos based from your searches. Although the results are not functional ( can't get you anywhere when clicked), the floating elements are hypnotic to watch.

Zerg Rush Game

When zerg rush is typed on an existing google search result, a group of o's or zero's rush down where the search words and images are, and they destroy anything that comes into their contact. Your mission is to take down them by clicking on them with your mouse.  

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