Saturday, 1 December 2012

iPhone 5 Top Essential Accessories

Accessories can make your gadget look more expensive. I am sure iPhone 5 users use their phones with one or two accessories bought separately from the unit, not only to make it looking good, or add more functions to it, but to  protect it from wear and tear, making the depreciation factors into minimum when it's time to resell for a newer variant. It is a must therefore, to pick the best you can afford for this purpose.

The Screen Protector

This is first thing that comes to mind when I think of phone accessories. It is a must and should be available even before using the phone. The screen shield protects the phone from smudges, scratches, and even screen breakages. This should be applied before the first use as dusts and oil from the fingertips can cause improper placement of the screen.

There are many branded and unbranded products of this kind in the market and because of this, sometimes it is  hard to choose which one to buy. I prefer a premium brand myself as they have properties like easy to apply, all equipment for the application is included with the product, like squeegee, wipes, etc, and does what it promises to do. I find these qualities in ZAGG product.

The ZAGG invisible shield is created from a resilient film that was first used to protect U.S. Military helicopter blades from high-speed damage, the invisibleSHIELD is your personal electronics defender. This rugged film wraps around consumer electronics and keeps them functioning and looking great, just like the day they came out of the box. Featuring ZAGG's exclusive Nano-Memory technology, the invisibleSHIELD has unique properties that provide self-healing qualities and unrivaled abrasion resistance.

The Case

The second essentials is the over all protection, the case. Depending on your taste, whether you prefer silicone materials, fabrics or leathers, as long as it is functional and gives your device a new fresh look. Here are some pointers to remember.

 As  you will be carrying along your phone most of the time, it is best to choose something with extra pockets for cards, emergency cash or a space for a piece of paper for jotting down notes. Many times the  emergency cash has saved my day.

The case should also provide access to all buttons and ports. There was one I bought in the past that I needed to take the phone out to use the camera because the hole at the back is not aligned with the camera and flash. Another nightmare I encountered was to remove the unit to charge, because the very slim and good looking case, has no opening at the bottom.

Another important feature to look for is a built in cradle. I had a bad experience with a slip on type folio case without a cradle. It was alright for the first week, but after a while, the case became loose, and the phone would slip out from the case and down the floor!

Lightning Adaptor/Car Adaptor

The lightning cable is new to apple products. If you have been an apple fan before and have bought accessories that takes the older 30 pin cables, then you will need this in order to use with your iPhone 5. This will save you from buying additional sound dock, audio video dock, charging dock and so on. With this connector, the older 30 pin connector devices and cables will not gather dust. You will not just be saving something for your pocket but reducing possible clutters and wastes as well.

The iPhone 5's battery life is impressive, but still you will never know when you'll need a charger when you're away from the mains socket. Chances are, we only realize how important little things are when we need them badly. So, do not get caught with no power when you need to call an emergency number specially when travelling by car. This little car adaptor can be a life saver in an emergency.


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