Sunday, 23 September 2012

Kies's Smart

This post is a mobilers mission. Inevitable but true that with gadget collections pilling up, chargers and cables are keeping up as well, making clutters and taking up spaces. But for a gadgeteer, there's nothing wrong with that, or any problems at all. The inconvenience only arrives when the connectors are lost or damaged by wear and tear. Or maybe too many cables that makes it too hard to distinguish which one is for, which one is which.

Why do we need data cables? It may not be significant to ordinary users like me, but to gadget fans who want to interact with their gadgets intimately, from folder to folder, down to the last file, it is a must. Not only to get access with the contents within but to edit and share these contents and also to transfer files from the gadget into a computer or into a removable storage device and vice versa. 

Cables are indeed necessary to do this syncronisation. And most of the smartphones use this way of interactivity, a direct cable connection. Or you can use a limited cloud data storage for free or purchase a bigger capacity and pay monthly. 


Samsung smartphone owners are lucky to have Kies air onboard their devices. What it does is, it can connect any devices running Kies air into a computer with a wire or wirelessly. This means this smart connection doesn't necessarily need cables between the mobile or computer, as long as they are both connected into the same wireless router, and both have Kies running. Once connected wirelessly, the computer, laptop, or mac can browse what is inside the device. It can even edit the files and save it somewhere into the computer. It can also send files from the computer into the device.

How ?

1. Make sure the Kies air application is in your device and computer. If not yet, on your mobile device, go to play store (see image left below) and download Kies air. On your computer or mac, go to

and download the application for your laptop or mac.

2. Start Kies on your computer and do these following steps to set  this up to work in your computer.

  • Click Start, Control Panel, Network and Sharing Center, Change Advanced Sharing Settings.

  • Make sure that the turn on network discovery is ticked then click ok

  • Go back to Network and Sharing Center, click Adaptor Settings, then right click your existing wireless connection name and click properties. At the pop up window, click sharing and make sure that your computer is not sharing internet connection, so disable or untick it.

  • Go back to control panel and click Windows Firewall, then click Allow feature or programs through windows firewall and make sure wireless portable devices is ticked.

  • Click start and type in administrative tools, then click services

  • Then scroll down to SSDP discovery and UPnP device host  and check if these services has started, if not, right click it and click start.

Now you are ready. Restart Kies on your computer.

3. Start Kies on your mobile device, then click start. You need to press allow to enable connection between your devices.

4. In your computer, open a browser window(internet explorer, chrome, etc.) and type in the whole  ip address and port number at the address window. In my case, it was http://192.168.9:8080/. The digital contents of your device will be shown in the browser window including phone book, text messages and call logs.

My Thoughts.

Kies is one of my favourite features of top end samsung mobiles, which I do not find in most devices yet. Although it is also cable compatible, I prefer to connect my devices wirelessly. Thumbs up for this excellent idea from Samsung. 

With the wireless interface to connect and synchronise the mobile device, users will be saving on wired connection costs, or cloud subscriptions. It is also easier to connect, and makes our desktop tidier and clutter free. 

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