Friday, 28 September 2012

Put a Spark in Your Blog

A new friend blogger asked me what's my motivation in publishing my blog.  This question has brought my memory back when the web was still young, and began questioning how a website works, what is HTML then taken aback  viewing the source code of a website. Just looking at the code made me realised that I won't be able to make my own from scratch. But with the existing blogging flatforms like blogger and word press that made a way for the not so technically inclined person to publish and host a site instantly and for free, has given me the passion to express and build my web presence. And not only web presence that you gain when you write a blog, there's more.

Money for your posts.

I have joined Social Spark last year, and initially, I did not really know what Social Spark was or how it works. I first heard it from a fellow blogger, BB, or Bargain Briana at FB, when I followed her post on how to monetize a blog. Did listed  my work and luckily passed the minimum requirements.

What is it?

Social Spark connects advertisers with bloggers to create sponsored blog posts. What it means is  an advertiser tells Social Spark to  contact it's list of approved bloggers to write a post regarding a product. The advertiser's proposal contains the minimum requirement for the post  and how much it is willing to pay. Social Spark then creates a lead (possible paid  post proposal) and distributes it to it's lists of  approved bloggers  with appropriate blog contents related to the product. The selected bloggers will then be contacted by email and from their social spark account and they can accept the lead or negotiate for the payment.  The advertiser then selects from the bloggers who responded to the lead and creates an offer. The blogger will be sent another email whether he is selected to do the post and he is given 3 days to complete the task with specific instructions for the post. Payment follows after 30 days from the post being "live" or published online.

What sorts of products?

I think almost everything, from electrical items like mobile processors, feature of a car, digital product like anti virus, mobile apps, even services like pharmacy subscriptions, cleaning products etc.This means, whatever is the content of your blog, there is a product suitable to your topic.

Getting paid.

Paypal, at the moment, is the only mode of payment. The post's payment is translated into points, where in one point is one US cent. Any payments or points monetized into paypal account below $50 or 5000 points is deducted by $2 or 200 points. 


As Social Spark is based in the US,  most of the advertisers and products come  from there as well. And from time to time, posts are exclusive to bloggers from that territory. There are also companies that prefer blogs with good or specific minimum numbers of  stats per day or per month. This means that the leads and offers vary from a blogger to another.

There are also deals that a publisher can post and get paid when a reader buys the item through a click on his codes. These deals are favorable to US bloggers as most of the products are US based.

Why write for Social Spark
Set Your Price. Choose your Advertisers. Sign up for SocialSpark!
Because you  can select the leads based on your content, can negotiate your reward, and you get all what it says as your reward. If you are a blogger or have started blogging, list your blog to social spark, who knows, maybe you will be writing a post for the top brands tomorrow!
You can click on the logo or start to join here. 

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My thoughts.

It is not easy to start a blog. Finding a topic is also difficult. But if you write something on what you like to do, you'll never run out of topics to write. 

Maintaining it is a bit difficult. You need to have the time to do it. I usually think something to write when it is  quiet at night, and sometimes after reading an interesting and new article. 

Making money from your blog is not also easy. But do not be frustrated that in the first year you just earn a few cents,  in fact, I am happy with any cent adding up every month. It's not the amount that counts but the fact that they are coming from thin air. Just do not stop to write fresh and original new contents to make a reason for your visitors to come back,

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