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BitDefender Total Security 2013

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bitdefender for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you bank or  buy something online? There's a threat for that. This includes phishing attempt and key logging attacks, that can steal your banking account details. Do you Facebook and Tweet? I am sure you do. There's a threat for that as well. Like scam posts, free item scams and innocent looking applications from scheming coders and authors. 

Whatever their purpose is, one thing is for sure. It's not for anyone's advantage, but for everyone's disadvantages. 

These threats  are the enemies of every internet user's security that can affect and discourage the activities they could have been doing online.  The convenience of the internet is without a challenge  from the inconveniences of many online threats.
What's defending you from all of these?
BitDefender is one of the many  excellent internet security suites around. It is an all in one package in providing and defending your computer againsts all kinds of threat. The only distinct difference of this product among others is, according to AVtest review, it is the best in providing internet security and have been  chosen number one in two consecutive years, 2011 and 2012. Not only at AVtest, it bagged the number one spot for AntiVirus Software in CNET Editor's Choice and PCMag Editor's Choice as well. With the improvement of the new  2013 edition, it might get the top award for the next year again. 
Auto Pilot. 
Useful for not so tech savvy like me. This provides security without the user's input. No matter what level  your IT knowledge is, you are assured that you are protected when this is turned on. The software scans data pockets and destination links then decide an action without lifting a finger. It's intelligence to make a decision comes from the data base in the "cloud", which is updated regularly. This means new threats are detected before they can do what they are designed to do. Another plus is, your computer does not suffer from slowdown when it is silently doing it's job.

Another security enhancement especially when banking online. When this is enabled, the software detects when you are logging into a bank website. It will prompt you to open a new browser where you will do your transactions securely. You can even choose to use a virtual keyboard to enter your details, rather than using the physical keys. This is another layer of protection to key loggers.

Anti theft. 
The application is not only limited to virtual thieves but can protect your devices running the application from real thieves, in case you become a victim. You can wipe out the data stored with in, or lock your device remotely by going online or by just by sending a preprogrammed text from another phone, in case you can not go online . 

In case you just misplaced your phone or tablet running BitDefender, it can help you find it faster by  making the device's alarm to play

Social Network Protection.
 Facebook and tweeter are the most popular social networks at the moment, and millions are using it daily to show what they are doing, share what they have seen and vice versa in just a few easy clicks. As it is so easy to share anything, it is also easy to receive such threats  hidden on links or shared apps. Bit defender scans and filters these links, and block them when they pose a threat.

Parental Control Options.
With the popularity of the always on internet and the ability to get access anywhere, BitDefender can be set to restrict internet access at a specific time. This is helpful to control the amount of internet time for the kids. You can remotely see what your kids are seeing online and the possibility  to block the sites or contents you do not want your kids to access. 

My Thoughts
Thousands of threats are being created each day, and the people behind these are also becoming clever in the way they implement their attacks and the way they design these threats. And once your device becomes infected, the possibility of losing something or being robbed virtually becomes even greater. Prevention is always the first and the better way to fight those online threats. Installing an antivirus and a total internet protection is therefore a must.


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