Friday, 14 September 2012

The iPhone5

The most anticipated device is here again, ready to amaze the mobile crazed fans around the world. A certified queue maker and undeniably tech-trend setter. It's unveiled and will soon be available to all mobile phone retail outlets. Pre orders starts today! So what's new?


Form factor

The original iPhone4 and 4S stand at 4.5 inches, have a 2.31 inches width, .37 inch depth and about 140 grams. The new one or the iPhone5 is taller at  4.87 inches, the same width at 2.31 inches, thinner at .30inch and lighter at 112 grams.


The retina display of the new phone is also stretched half inch to 4 inches, which is more suitable in viewing landscape mode or watching movies on a wide screen format. The resolution is also stretched to 1136 x 640. Does this means clearer? The additional pixels is because of the longer screen, what it makes it "clearer" is because apple took off the separate laminated touch screen panel and the screen now has a built-in digitiser, making the new unit slimmer and clearer. The colour saturation is also boosted to 44%, making the images more vibrant.


The new A6 processor powers the iPhone5. Apple could only mention that the new A6's performance doubles the CPU and GPU speed of that of the A5 from the iPhone4s. This means the apps load faster, browsing will make the pages appear instantly. Faster graphics would make gamers addicted to more fluid rendering of movements and change of scenes. Although Apple has been silent on the real clock speed and the core counts on the new processor.


The camera is still rated at the same 8 mega pixels but a touch of magic has been added. The lens cover is made from sapphire crystal. This makes the captured image clearer and sharper than before. It is also optimised well during low light situation, to reduce noise signals. The camera is 40% faster than that of the older model, thanks to the built in image signal processor on the A6. Sweep panoramic shot is also enabled.

Sim Card

Here's another first from apple, the use of nano sim. It is 40% than the micro sim used by iPhone4S. Not like the normal sim than can be fashioned and work as a micro sim with a sim cutter, because both sims have the same thickness, the new sim format is 15% thinner. Even though  you manage to cut the micro sim or regular sim into the nano dimention, I doubt if it will fit into the new iPhone5 because of it's thickness. So beware of those products that promise to transform your ordinary or microsim into nano sim.
It is safer to ask your network provider for a nano sim card and transfer your existing number if you will be going to get the new iPhone5 sim free.

Charging Cable, USB Connector, Video Out

The 30-pin connector from the older apple products has been replaced by a Lightning connector which is far more tinier by about 80%. Unlike the older connector, this one can be connected either way, making it more user friendly, durable and safer to use.
This doesn't mean that you can not use your existing audio docks and older connectors, as there are adaptors to convert these. If you are one movie fan and would like to use iPhone5 to output in your TV with wires, the new connector does not support this. You need an additional equipment like apple TV and airplay to do ths.


Even with the more powerful processor, larger screen and more bits and bobs, the battery of the new one still beats its predecessor. You can expect 8 hours talk time, 10 hours on wi-fi, 10 hours video playback and 225 hours standby time.


The interesting change on the connectivity is the support for the next generation spectrum of wifi protocol running at 5GHz. Most, if not all wi-fi transmitting devices, at the moment, use 2.4GHz, and this reality causes congestion of signals and affecting the quality of connections. This new data highway will not only be faster but less congested as only a few yet is using it.

Bluetooth 4.0 is also available along with the usual, GSM EDGE, HSPA, HSDPA data network connectivity. One surprise is, apple did not include NFC.

Operating System

The new device is equipped with the latest IOS6, the operating system that makes you do more with the device. The operating system comes in with guided access that helps people with disabilities to get more from it, like voice over that reads what is shown in the screen, helpful for blind users.

My Thoughts

Is it a good buy? Considering all the new changes, yes. And as everyone notices, apple products do not depreciate that easily, in fact even the old devices are still worth more than their rival counterparts when bought second hand. And it's value holds for sometime until there's new iPhone in town.

Yes, it is a good buy.

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