Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The Missing Gmail Folder

 Gmail's been my primary email provider, because it's layout is very easy to use. Each function is very logical and situated in easy to find place. The most frequent feature I usually use is it's "file" organization where you can create a folder to keep specific emails . This is a good way of organizing mails so that they are easier to find when you need it. It is also a good way to declutter  your inbox, as the mail you move to a folder disappears in the list. Lately, this "disappearance" of my email and the folder I assigned to it has made me scratch my head  quite a while.

What happened to the folder?

Still busy with the trip preparation, I bumped into a problem with my gmail folder. The travel insurance email I just moved to a folder is missing together with the folder (1). Fortunately, it is showing up from the search(2) keyword meaning it is still there, just buried somewhere.

The problem when I do not see it in the list is, I would not be able to access it immediately. So I need to dig into the bottom of it. The obvious reason is the folder setting could be messed up. The setting  is accessible by clicking the cog wheel button(3), then settings(4).

Clicking "labels" (6)  has shown the list of folders that I was looking for, It has a selection to either show or hide(7) them.

The "show"(8) selection brought back the folder and all it's contents in the list(9).1

Last Words.

I do not remember what happened and caused the folder disappeared, it could be that I could set it up myself not to show the "labels". Having the hide button could cause headaches because it is easy to forget that it has this function specially when you do not access the settings often, but it is also a good camouflage to sensitive emails when you wanted to hide them from view. No one would suspect that you have it!

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