Wednesday, 15 July 2015

How To Get Premium Applications For Free

The heart and mind of every smartphone is the application. That what makes it smart, otherwise it is just a concoction of plastic and metals put together by soldering wires in a PCB. Although the make and the on board native apps count, there are still many things missing on it, depending on a user's specification and how he use this amazing device.

Premium applications are not that expensive to be honest, but because there are many of them out there that can perform the same tasks as the others, it is hard to select  which one is the best for the task. So you may end up spending more in buying and trying each application. And buying a digital property like this may not entitle you for a refund in case you find out it is not what you need. .

So the best way to try a premium application and avoid wasting money in case you decide not to keep this is  to get it for free. You might have come across sites that are promising free applications but could be dodgy specially on sources that are not popular. They could still give you the free application but most often can winth a bundled useless software with it. 

At the end you get the free application and the harmful one. So  here are ways to get it legally and safely.

1. From Amazon(Android)

  • First thing is to download the amazon from  from your android mobile.
  • Get to the discounted applications by clicking the link below as the 'special discount' link(1) is not normally showing at the drop down menu.

  • The free application link is accessible using the navigation at the left(2). 

2. Use Free App of the Day(Android)

As the name suggests there is a premium app everyday free of charge. 
  • Download app of the day from play store.
  • Visit everyday for the free app of the day.

3. Apps Gone Free(iOS)

Apple users can go to this link for free premium apps. The free apps do not remain gratis but it is time limited. Usually, developers from time to time,  make their paid apps free temporarily to generate a boost in downloads.

Last Words.

Although you can not choose the specific title you want, you can use the search function of each to show you the best alternative to the one you are looking for. Using these sites can save you a lot of money specially when you tend to experiment on premium applications.

As the free apps are not free forever, download and try whilst you still can!

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