Sunday, 19 July 2015

Free Navigation On Your Mobile

I do not use the navigation system on my phone because of two reasons, it uses gps and internet data. GPS drains the battery and internet data drains both the wallet, specially when you are with limited data tariff and the battery. And when you use data on your mobile abroad, it could triple the holes in your pocket.

Our family holiday is very near and we could not wait, but because of short preparations and very unfamiliar country booked for the break, did not allow us to buy at least a map for the trip. So up I go and ask google "which navigation app is the cheapest of them all". And it answered Navmii!

NAVMII is a cross flatform navigaiton system which is free. It can be installed
 on android, apple, blackberry and windows

Why "navi" with it?

It provides free off line map. 

When it means free, it is free. Not like other free navs that just give you the main application for free, and you need to purchase an "in app" data(maps) to get it working. Having it will let you forget worrying of buying maps as you can download them easily. It also saves you the trouble of carrying the bulky map book around. It's built in search function can give you results in seconds that you can print it out before you set off.

Saves you data charges.

Going off line means your off from the internet. Travelers usually get fleeced with the data tariff when they arrive home. As the price for roaming data can be tripled or quadrupled depending on  country of destination, so it is better to turn the data roaming service to off and just use it when it is extremely necessary. As the map portion of this application can be used without the internet, you can still plan your route without the trouble of going above your bill.

Navigation mode.

Just like the rest of the navigator applications, it also does navigation mode. It could look like very basic to other users, but for me, the more basic, the easier to use, the better.

Native built in navigator on mobile phones uses GPS to guide you around but also uses data to download the map that the GPS uses to overlay your location. This is because the map is not built in and it is accessed and stored in the cloud.

This is the beauty of the Navmii. As the map is already downloaded and installed in your phone, it just uses GPS and it doesn't need data tariff to overlay map location! This saves you money and it is also faster because the data of the map is stored locally.

Spoilt for maps.

There are plenty of countries included as an add on map. Downloading any of them is free. There is also a premium content that includes a voice navigation guide from celebrities like snoppdog, homer simpson or  wallace  and gromit. As this is an add driven application, you can also remove the advert for a little fee.

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