Saturday, 4 July 2015

Find An Android Phone Without Any Apps!

It was a busy week for me the last three weeks, both from work, my kids extra curricular and their school. Additional function as a "taxi driver" and "event organizer" has somehow had an effect in my memory in terms of concentration. This made me forget many things specially where I kept my wallet, keys and phone!

I could function without a wallet but without my phone could be difficult because my activities are organised within it and also includes important data which I have compiled for years. I could not imagine starting all over again! This is hard to imagine but this happened in one of the school rush. After sending my daugther to  school, I was caught in a traffic jam going to work. I was allowed to come in late, because the oncall was busy during the night but it seemed that the traffic was pushing my time further. I know that I would not make it on time and tried to dial my worlk's number. To my dismay, I do not have my phone. This is the first time I forgot to bring my phone and do not know why it was not in my backpack pocket.

During my free time, I tried to log on to find my mobile, to see at least the last place it was. The problem is I could not remember my samsung account password. I have been relying the data I have stored in my phone and the auto log in to the site. And even when I was home, I could not manage to log in because of my password.

Android Device Manager

My search with google took me to Android Device Manager. This can track, wipe and lock an android device using GPS and internet connection. The miinimal requirement is a google account. If you have already set up a google account on your phone, then there is no need to download the application. Using it is staright forward and very easy.

1. Go to and log in to the gmail. If you have multiple gmail account you need to use the one your set up(1) your device with.

2. Once log in, you can see the devices that are connected to your gmail account and choose from the dropdown list.

3. After choosing your device, the application will try to locate(3)  your device using GPS. If your device is online,you can ring it(4) straight away, lock and erase. 

Your device will ring for 5 minutes even if your phone is set to "mute" and the device's location access is turned off. It just needed to be online! Turn off the ringing by pressing the power button. The event is also recorded(5) on screen.

4. In the event that your phone is not online(6),  you can still request to ring the device(7) and once online, it will ring!

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