Thursday, 23 April 2015

Tune Up Your Browsing With Vivaldi

Brewed with the coders of Opera, the fast and powerful browser  using limited computing resources and power (this is why lower specs devices can go neck-to-neck with super-sized and behemoth computing specs), they come up with another browser, the Vivaldi. Shifting from a general name to a more specific genre, this music sounding browser could be a 'music to the ears' of internet users anytime soon! I've been using it, and  I really like it. Here's why!

Clean interface.

Tidy desktop is easier to work with, and the same with a clean browser window. Without the usual addition of  irrelevant and annoying toolbars that easily clutters the screen and distracts the view by literally occupying precious space, this is as fresh as the improved versions of the "minimalistic themed" popular browsers like chrome and firefox. The interface might look unattractive to users who are used to flashy themes and customised toolbars.

Easy access settings.

Vivaldi is capable of relocating the toolbar from the top to either to the left or  right or to the bottom of the screen. This might not be necessary to users but Vivaldi can do that among other browsers. An option for the address bar is available to put it at the bottom. All of these settings are all in an easy access button(4) at the left lower part of the browser.

Useful tools like the navigation menu gives the user the power to decide how he navigates. If you are tired of using your mouse, you can use keyboard shortcuts instead, Using this is faster and accurate specially in opening and closing windows. And good news to tweakers, keyboard shortcuts can be configured. Resetting to default keys is also just a click away.

Easy access to accidentally closed pages.

We sometimes make an accident in closing a web page or navigate away from the main page we are looking into. Pressing the back button should bring us back. But when a tab is accidentally closed and forgot the page we are looking at, then things get a little messy. To bring this back from view is easy, we just need to dig a little deeper into the browser's settings.

With vivaldi, it is easier. When you hit the trash(1) icon at the top right of the browser, the previously opened pages and activity like file download is shown. Just click the tab(2) you want to revisit(3). This tool is more helpful than history file of other browsers. The decision to separate this from other tweak buttons is also brilliant and it's location is hard to miss. And when you exit vivaldi, all items here are deleted as well.

Though this doesn't mean the browsing history is already deleted. You can still see this at the speed dial page when you hit the  + button(A) at the right most tab.

Perfect for taking notes.

Internet is for information gathering, and we need to take note when we are doing that. Instead of pen and paper, why not use the built-in notepad(5) on it? This also mean you do not need another note program opened to do this. And the fact that your note will be saved within your browser(6), the next time you open vivaldi and so with your saved note.

If you can take note, you can also take a screenshot.Whilst at the note side tab(5), hit the camera(7) button to grab a picture of the whole screen. The webpage where you took the screenshot is also captured. The good thing about this is you can go to the site in one mouse click. The only downside is you can only do one screen shot per note entry and can not edit it.

Last Words.

This is still a new browser but already shows impressive performance, not only because of it's easy access to relevant tools, but also it's quickness in rendering webpages. However, there are still some missing tools like incognito mode and although there is a developer tool already included(you could access the usual browser tools when you click the vivaldi logo at the top left(9) , it is not as intuitive like the other browsers.

For practical reasons, there should be more tweaks on the existing tools, like the ability to take multiple screen shots and the ability to edit or open it into a second party application. With these early hiccups however, this is a must try. Download it from here!

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